Vegetation Protection Orders

Under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL), Council has the authority to protect significant vegetation across Brisbane. Having protected vegetation on your property does not mean that you will not be able to use your land or manage the vegetation that is protected. Council provides advice and support to those who have protected vegetation on their property. 

The process for making a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) is described in the NALL and involves:

  • the identification or nomination of the vegetation
  • an assessment of its suitability for protection, and
  • the provision of opportunities for those affected and the broader community to provide submissions for consideration by Council.

Nominating vegetation for protection

Nominations to protect vegetation in the Brisbane City Council area can be made using an online form, sending an email or writing to Council. Nominations can be made to request protection for an individual tree, a group of trees or an area of vegetation.

Find out more about nominating vegetation to be protected. 

Have your say on the recently made Vegetation Protection Orders 

The NALL provides an opportunity for affected landowners and the broader community to have their say on these VPO's through the submission process. 

Council provides a list of recently made VPO's in the public consultation phase. 

Any person, other than the person who nominated the vegetation, can make a submission.

Making a submission about a recently made Vegetation Protection Orders

Any person, other than the person who nominated the vegetation, can make a submission objecting to or supporting the making of the VPO.

To be considered a properly made submission under the NALL the submission:

  1. Must state:
  • the name and address of the submitter
  • the grounds of the submission which must relate to the objects set out in Section 2 of the Local Law (e.g. why the vegetation is or is not significant and reasons that the vegetation should or should not be protected)
  • the facts and circumstances relied on in support of those grounds (e.g. any evidence to support your reasons for wanting to protect or not protect the vegetation)
  • the online submission form below will step you through this process. 
  1. Must be:

Natural Environment, Water and Sustainability
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001.

  • received by Council before 4pm on the day of closing.


The objects of the local law, in relation to protected vegetation include:

  • protecting the biodiversity values of the city including, but not limited to, the habitat and ecological requirements of native flora and fauna, and
  • preserving natural landforms such as waterways, wetlands, bushlands, ridgelines and steep slopes, and
  • facilitating the retention of the landscape character of the city, and
  • facilitating the retention of the historical and cultural values of the city, by restricting indiscriminate clearing of vegetation.

Council will consider all properly made submissions.

Council may, upon consideration of any properly made submission, and without further consultation, confirm or revoke a VPO as set out in Section 15 of the Local Law.

Arborist reports to support a submission

You would only need to provide Council with an arborist report about the vegetation if your submission was based on the vegetation being dangerous or hazardous in any way. Find out more information about the arborist report.

Buying a new property

If you are buying a new property you can find out if it is affected by a NALL by requesting a map and report onlinecontacting Council or undertaking a property search. Find out more information about property searches, buying and selling.

Property value

Vegetation protected under the NALL makes an important contribution to the city’s natural environment, subtropical character and lifestyle. There is extensive research to suggest that mature trees, vegetation and landscaped areas on a property increase the property’s value. Council believes the retention of significant trees and vegetation can enhance property values, rather than detract from them.

Trees identified for protection during the neighbourhood planning process

As a part of the neighbourhood planning process, Council undertakes a survey of the plan area to identify significant landscape trees. The survey is undertaken by a qualified arborist, familiar with the types of vegetation in the Brisbane landscape. It is important to note that these tree surveys are undertaken from publicly accessible areas. Find out more information about neighbourhood plans

More information

Find out more about protected vegetation.

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