Event preparation and safety

As part of your Entertainment Events Permit application, you need to provide documentation of event preparation and safety. Find out the requirements for your event.

Event amenities

All event permit applications need to include a Waste and Sanitary management plan for the event. Find out the requirements for bins and toilets to be included in this plan.

Event temporary buildings and structures

Find out what certification and approvals may be required to have temporary buildings and structures at your event, such as tents, marquees, stages and temporary grandstands.

Event security and emergency management

All event permit applications need to provide a plan detailing how security will be managed and what procedures are in place to manage an emergency or evacuation.

Event noise management plan

If your event includes live bands or the use of amplified devices, you will need to provide a Noise Management Plan to Council.

Event electrical and gas safety

You need to ensure you follow the electrical and gas safety guidelines and have relevant certification completed and available to provide to the inspecting Council officer on the day of the event.


Event accessibility guidelines

Find out how to make your event inclusive for all patrons, including seniors, parents with prams and people with impairments and disabilities.

Event rides and animals

If you want to have rides or animals at your event, there are safety issues to consider. For amusement rides, specific documentation must be provided to Council.