Vegetation Protection Orders

Brisbane City Council has the authority to protect important vegetation by making Vegetation Protection Orders in accordance with Section 8 of the Natural Assets Local Law 2003.

Council provides you with the latest list of:

Vegetation Protection Orders can apply to individual trees, groups of trees or heritage trees that add to an area’s unique landscape character. This vegetation beautifies Brisbane’s suburbs and streetscapes, provides cool shady relief in summer, contributes to wildlife habitat and can enhance property values. It is valued by the community and by Council, so they are afforded special protection.

Having vegetation protected does not mean that you will not be able to use your land or manage the species that are protected, and Council provides advice and support to those who have protected vegetation on their property.

New Vegetation Protection Orders

The process for making Vegetation Protection Orders is described in the Local Law and involves:

  • the identification or nomination of the vegetation;
  • an assessment of its suitability for protection; and
  • the provision of opportunities for those affected and the broader community to engage and provide submissions to be considered. 

During the submission period, a Vegetation Protection Order will be in effect until it is confirmed, modified, or revoked in accordance with the Local Law.


Any person may make a submission objecting to or supporting the making of the Vegetation Protection Order.

That submission:

  1. must be:
    • in writing and signed by the submitter
    • addressed to:
      Natural Environment, Water and Sustainability Branch
      Brisbane City Council
      GPO Box 1434
      Brisbane Qld 4001
    • received by Council before 4pm on the day of closing.
  2. must state:
    • the name and address of the submitter
    • the grounds of the submission which must relate to the objects set out in Section 2 of the Local Law (for example, why the vegetation is or is not significant and reasons that the vegetation should or should not be protected)
    • the facts and circumstances relied on in support of those grounds (for example, any evidence to support your reasons for wanting to protect or not protect the vegetation). 


  1. The objects of this local law are:
    • protecting the biodiversity values of the city including, but not limited to, the habitat and ecological requirements of native flora and fauna; and
    • preserving natural landforms such as waterways, wetlands, bushlands, ridgelines and steep slopes; and
    • facilitating the retention of the landscape character of the city; and
    • facilitating the retention of the historical and cultural values of the city; by restricting indiscriminate clearing of vegetation; and
    • the control of hazardous vegetation; and
    • the control and management of pest vegetation.

Council will consider all properly made submissions.

Council may, upon consideration of any properly made submission, and without further consultation, confirm or revoke a Vegetation Protection Order as set out in Section 15 of the Local Law.

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23 May 2017