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Guide to deep planting

A new guide has been developed to support deep planting requirements in City Plan, providing assistance to those lodging development applications requiring the provision of deep planting.


Economic recovery initiatives

Council is offering new discounts and incentives designed to stimulate new building and construction. 

Accessible housing incentive

Council offers financial incentives for developments that are designed to meet residents' accessibility needs. 

Talk to a Planner

Council holds Talk to a Planner sessions to help people understand City Plan and how it relates to their property or business.

Find what you need

Key facts about a property

Get information about a property, including zoning, using Council's City Plan online mapping tool.

Residential projects

Find important information and what approvals are needed for common residential projects including new homes or extensions, fences and pools. 

Business projects

Find information and what approvals are needed for common business projects including operating a home business or opening a shop or restaurant.

Subdividing land

Most subdivisions need planning approval. Find out what you need to do to subdivide your land. 

Neighbourhood planning and urban renewal

Council creates neighbourhood plans, with input from residents and businesses. They are legal documents that guide housing in an area and sit within City Plan.


Heritage properties

Learn about researching and restoring heritage properties, including what approvals you might need.

Types of development and building approval

Find out if your proposal requires development, building or siting variation approval. Prohibited development applications are not accepted.

How to apply and what to do after approval

Information on applying for development applications, avoiding assessment delays and post development approval requirements.

Urban design in Brisbane

Council supports design-based approaches to achieve creative and innovative urban design. Initiatives include City of Lights and Village Precinct Projects.

Design strategy and guidelines

Council has developed strategies and documents to provide guidance and information to support quality design in Brisbane's built environment.