Plan sealing

If your development involves subdivision, Brisbane City Council must approve the survey plan (also known as sealing). Council endorses the survey plan once the development is finalised and you have met all relevant conditions of the approval.

To help Council process your plan sealing request quickly and efficiently, make sure you have all the relevant supporting information lodged with your request.

To assist with project constraints and critical time frames, Council offers a plan sealing prelodgement service. This service provides advice on conditions compliance, documentation requirements and other questions relating to the endorsement of a standard, building and/or volumetric Survey Plan.


You can lodge the following plan sealing applications by completing the Plan sealing online request form:

  • reconfiguring a lot
  • building format plans
  • plan sealing prelodgement requests.

Council's user guide and frequently asked questions (FAQs) may provide assistance when completing the online form:

Lodgement of the requests below (including SealSMART applications) can be made by completing the appropriate form and emailing Council:

Find out the plan sealing fees.


SealSMART is a process aimed at improving plan sealing times through enabling self-certification of applications by accredited consultants.

Under SealSMART, accredited consultants liaise with Council to determine suitable applications and agree certification requirements for each condition. The accredited consultant then engages relevant professionals to certify that applicants have complied with conditions, providing evidence as required.

Provided the application meets all requirements, Council seals SealSMART subdivision plans within five working days of payment of plan sealing fees.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited SealSMART consultant, contact Council.

More information

To find out more information on SealSMART, you can:

Last updated: 26 June 2019