Fast-tracking development applications via RiskSMART

Brisbane City Council offers a suite of express services to keep up with the evolving demands of the development industry. RiskSMART is one such service and is a fast-tracked approval process for low risk, decision-ready development applications. 

To facilitate this fast-tracked approval, Council relies on accredited consultants submitting applications that comply with the RiskSMART lodgement criteria, eligible development type criteria and the relevant City Plan requirements. They achieve this accreditation by demonstrating to Council that they have successfully lodged applications that meet the RiskSMART criteria. RiskSMART consultants are able to offer a quicker, cheaper and more efficient option for low risk development applications.

On lodgement of a RiskSMART application with a Council accredited consultant, if your project is:

  • low risk
  • decision-ready
  • City Plan 2014 compliant, and
  • with fees paid in full.

you can expect a five business day turn-around for approval, from the date the application is deemed to be decision-ready.

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Last updated: 22 June 2021