How to lodge a RiskSMART application

RiskSMART is a fast-tracked approval process for low risk, decision-ready development applications. Prior to lodging:

  • ensure the proposed development complies with the lodgement and application type criteria
  • assess the proposal against the relevant requirements in Brisbane City Plan 2014
  • complete RiskSMART planning report template
  • complete RiskSMART well made checklist
  • factor in Council application fee.

Eligible applications

For a development application to be accepted into RiskSMART it must meet the required eligible development types including:

  • new dwelling house or extension to existing dwelling house
  • reconfiguration of a lot (up to 5 lots)
  • low impact industry, medium impact industry and warehouse (excluding general industry C)
  • centre activities in a centre zone (800 m2 or 10% of existing gross floor area, whichever is the greater)
  • prescribed tidal works
  • educational establishment (no increase to student capacity)
  • any other low risk code assessable development where the technical issues and/or areas of non-compliance have been managed via Council's pre-lodgement service.

Each development type has eligible criteria within it.

Any other low risk code assessible application

Brisbane City Council is offering a service for other low risk development types that do not meet the eligible development type criteria to be fast-tracked. If you believe the development is low risk and want to lodge via a RiskSMART application use Councils pre-lodgement preliminary discussion to discuss your proposal.

Online submission

To lodge a RiskSMART application simply complete the relevant online form:

Tools and templates

There are a number of tools and templates available to assist in the preparation of applications, including:


Once submitted to Council, you can expect a ten business day turnaround for approval from when the application is properly made.

If the application does not meet the lodgement or application type criteria or the eligible development types criteria is will not be accepted as a RiskSMART application and you will be advised. It will be assessed in standard assessment timeframes. 

Last updated: 1 October 2021