How to lodge a RiskSMART application

Brisbane City Council operates an accreditation system to enable competent and experienced consultants to lodge low risk RiskSMART applications. Council accredited consultants:

  • ensure the proposed development complies with the lodgement and application type criteria
  • takes responsibility for ensuring the application is properly made
  • assess the proposal against the relevant requirements in Brisbane City Plan 2014
  • provide recommended development conditions
  • are accountable for the accuracy of the information provided to Council.

Eligible applications

For a development application to be accepted into RiskSMART it must meet the required eligible development types including:

  • new dwelling house or extension to existing dwelling house
  • multiple dwelling (three to 10 units) and dual occupancy (LMR and MR)
  • reconfiguration of a lot (up to 10 lots)
  • low impact industry, medium impact industry and warehouse (excluding general industry C)
  • centre activities in a centre zone (400 m2 or 5% of existing GFA, whichever is the greater)
  • prescribed tidal works
  • educational establishment (no increase to student capacity)

How to apply

To lodge a RiskSMART application, contact a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant.

The fees for accredited consultants may vary. You will need to factor the Council application fee into the total fee cost.

Once submitted to Council, you can expect a five business day turnaround for approval, from the day the application is deemed to be decision-ready. Applications recommended for approval by a Council accredited RiskSMART consultant are likely to be approved by Council.

Last updated: 7 May 2019