Have your say on development applications

Anyone can formally submit comments on a development applications to support or oppose development. Brisbane City Council calls these comments 'submissions'. 

Find out how to have your say on developments in Brisbane:

Current consultations

Find out how you can have your say on current consultations.

Applications on which you can make a submission

You can make submissions on all development applications. However, the legal right to appeal Council's decision is only possible on impact assessable applications and change applications advertised for comment.

You must lodge your submission by the closing date. You'll find the date on advertising sign/s on the property subject to the application, notice in a local newspaper and letters to adjoining owners.

Before preparing your submission you need to see the application and plans. The most convenient way to view a planning application is via PD Online. All planning applications can be accessed by any person.

Submissions are not confidential

Council cannot consider anonymous submissions. To be a valid submitter to a development application, a submission must be properly made in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act 2016. Council publishes all submissions on PD Online for viewing along with the planning application.

By using PD Online for your submission, your personal details won't be published and you can save time. Submissions lodged in other ways are generally published online in their entirety, including name, address and signature. Once an application is decided, the name and address of all submitters is provided to the applicant. This information is also available to other submitters.

Submissions must be properly made

The assessment managers considers all submissions when assessing an application. Only properly made submissions will have the legal right to appeal Council’s decision through the Planning and Environment Court.

A properly made submission must:

  • be in writing and signed by each person who made the submission; or made electronically
  • include the name and address of each person who is making the submission
  • state what aspects of the plan or proposed development you support or oppose and why
  • state a postal or email address of each person who is making the submission
  • be received by Council before the closing date for submissions.

Lodging a submission by PD Online will help to ensure it is properly made.

Grounds for a submission

Council needs to understand the reasons behind your submission. For example, if you think the type of development proposed for your area is unsuitable, you need to say why it is unsuitable - not simply that you don't like it.

It is important to focus on planning issues such as:

  • whether the proposed use is consistent with the intent for the area as expressed in Brisbane City Plan 2014
  • whether the scale and design of the proposed development is compatible with surrounding development
  • how the development addresses the street and interfaces with adjoining properties
  • any potential traffic and car parking issues associated with the development
  • hours of operation (for commercial activities)
  • how the development may impact on drainage patterns in the area
  • how the development fits with any objective of City Plan to protect and enhance the natural environment.

Getting help with your submission

Many submitters prepare their own submission. However, some engage the services of a planning consultant to help prepare an effective submission. A planning consultant can undertake a review of City Plan and the proposed development to help identify and explain the most relevant issues to include in a submission. You can find a planning consultant by visiting the Planning Institute of Australia website

Preferred lodgement methods

Online via PD Online

By using Council's preferred lodgement method for your submission, PD Online, your personal details won't be published during the application assessment and you can save time.

Hard copy

Your personal details won't be published online during the application assessment stage if you print and complete the form:

You can submit this form in person at any Regional Business Centre or by mail to:

Development Services
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001.

What happens after you lodge your submission


Council will acknowledge receipt of the submission in writing within approximately one week.

Viewing or changing submissions

You can check the status of an application and view your submission and others at any time by searching for it via PD Online. It is possible to amend or revise your submission before the closing date for submissions. You can withdraw your submission up until Council makes its final decision.


Council considers all submissions when assessing a planning application.

For impact assessable applications and change applications, Council advises the decision made to:

  • everyone who wrote a properly made submission, or
  • the first person on the list of 'submitters' for properly made submissions submitted by several people, including any petitions lodged as a properly made submission.

This advice will occur following the applicant's appeal period of 20 business days after the decision.

For all submissions lodged on other development types, each submitter is notified at the time the decision is made. 


Submitters have the legal right to appeal Council’s decision on an impact assessable application through the Planning and Environment Court. Council will advise the time period for an appeal submission in writing to submitters.

Last updated:2 September 2019