Lodgement assistance

Brisbane City Council offers several ways to get help and assistance with lodgement.

User guide

Council's user guide may provide assistance when completing the development application online lodgement form. Download the:

Frequently asked questions

Council has created frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you troubleshoot the lodgement process:

Electronic file requirements

When submitting your development application to Brisbane City Council, there are specific file requirements when providing attachments. The file requirements are:

File format

For online lodgements, supporting drawings and documents can be attached as any of the following file types: Word, PDF or JPG. ZIP files will not be accepted. 

For all other documents, all files must be in PDF format:

  • created by a software program, not by a scanner
  • unlocked with no password protection.

File size

You can lodge attachments up to 20Mb at one time, however, each individual document must be less than 10Mb in size. If you have an application to submit with attachments totally more than 20Mb, phone Lodgement Support Services on 07 3403 4780 to discuss.

File name

File names must:

  • be the name of the type of document (for example 'form' or 'application report')
  • not exceed 25 characters, including spaces
  • not have symbols, including underscores.

Specific file naming advice includes:

File name requirements
Part of applicationFile nameSpecific requirements
Development Assessment forms (DA forms)Forms.pdf or Forms.pdfDo not combine these forms - attach as a single PDF
Assessment  ReportName the file according to the name of the report, e.g.  Assessment Report.pdf, Traffic Report.pdfAttach as a single PDF
AppendicesName the file according to the appendix type, e.g. Appendix 1 Letter of support.pdfAttach each appendix as a separate PDF
Plans and drawingsName the file according to the plan or drawing number and type, e.g. DWG1075 House plan.pdfAttach each plan and drawing as a single landscape PDF 
Survey plansSurvey Plan.pdfAttach the survey plan as a separate PDF.
Compliance reportsCompliance Report.pdfAttach as a separate PDF
Plan sealing requests – supporting documentsName the file according to the condition they support, e.g. Condition 6 Telstra Agreement.pdf, Condition 20 Receipt for Contributions.pdfAttach each supporting document required for plan sealing applications as separate, individual PDF documents.
Operational worksIf applicable, provide the QLeave receipt in PDF.



Last updated:7 May 2019