Supporting reports

The expert technical reports that accompany your development application must meet the below reporting requirements.

Air quality impacts

Requirements for the Air quality impact assessment report and the relevant standards and guidelines.

Transport air quality corridor report

Requirements for a Transport air quality corridor report and the relevant standards and guidelines.

Erosion and sediment control

Your development should not result in adverse impacts from erosion and sedimentation. Find out about Council's requirements including hazard assessment, and design and inspection certificates.


Information on retaining heritage values including procedures, guidelines and standards required for a Heritage impact assessment report.

Noise impacts

Requirements for the preparation of a Noise impact assessment report and measures for managing noise.

Transport impacts

A guide to address traffic management and control requirements in a Traffic impact assessment report.


Requirements relating to the preparation of a Vegetation survey and retention plan.

Flooding and stormwater impacts

A guide to addressing flooding and overland flow impacts in a Flood study (major and minor) and Site-based stormwater management plans.

Ecological reports

Guidelines to assist in the preparation of ecological assessment reports.

Stormwater quality management

Your development should seek to achieve acceptable levels of stormwater run-off quantity and quality by applying total water cycle management and water sensitive urban design principles in your Stormwater quality management plan.

Bushfire reporting

A guide to undertaking a Bushfire Hazard Assessment and the development assessment requirements relating to the preparation of a Bushfire Management Report.

Last updated:4 June 2019