Information for real estate agents

Real estate agents often need information from Brisbane City Council to help them carry out their day to day activities. The following information helps agents access the key information Council has available.

Development potential of properties

To find out the development potential of a property you are marketing, the first step is to find the key facts about the property, such as zoning, constraints and lot area. This will ensure that the advice you provide to customers about development potential is consistent with Brisbane City Plan 2014.

You can then use the information to interpret preferred locations and approvals required for common residential projects and common business projects.

You can also download a free Floodwise Property Report to assess the estimated flood risk of a property.

Keeping track of the content and progress of Neighbourhood plans in your area is also important. Neighbourhood plans have specific provisions that can have a huge impact on the development potential of a site.

By undertaking these quick checks from Council's website, you will ensure that the zoning and other information you provide to customers is current and correct.

Quarterly rates amount

If you are marketing or selling a property, you can obtain the quarterly rates amount free of charge. You can do this online via a rates balance enquiry or by contacting Council’s Business Hotline 133 BNE (133 263). You will need to be able to confirm the full name of the current owner before information can be provided.

For the current position on water and sewerage charges for the property, contact Queensland Urban Utilities.

Previous applications and approvals on a property

You can use the application enquiry search tool within Council’s Online Planning System (PD Online) to view details for a specific development application. All documents for development applications (including plans and conditions of approval) lodged from 1 January 2004 are available. There is no charge for this service.

For written advice on applications before 2004, you can request a Planning and Development Certificate for a fee.

Community Profiles

You can access information about Brisbane wards and suburbs that is useful to market properties and help your clients make better informed investment decisions. These customised census profiles are available via an easy to use online tool.

Premises for new real estate business

If you are setting up a real estate use, this is defined as an ’office’ use under City Plan. Find out what approvals are required for an office.

Last updated:15 May 2019