Key facts about a property

Before you start a project, check if you need planning approval. To do this, you need to obtain key facts about your site including site area, zoning, neighbourhood plan and overlays. 

Interactive mapping

Use the Brisbane City Plan 2014 interactive mapping tool to find the following information.


The zoning of your property guides the type of development that may occur on your site.

Neighbourhood plans

Brisbane City Council creates neighbourhood plans with input from residents and business owners. They are legal documents that form part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and guide development in local areas. Neighbourhood plans can change the development requirements in local areas. Some may also change the level of assessment for a planning application.


An overlay shows the unique characteristics of a property. They include things such as features to protect, valuable resources and planning matters to consider, such as flooding. The level of assessment required for your development application may be affected by overlays. They may introduce design requirements to consider as part of a planning application.

How to use the City Plan 2014 interactive mapping

Access the Brisbane City Plan 2014 interactive mapping tool.

Note: accessing the interactive mapping tool via a mobile or tablet device will direct you to a mobile version of the platform. This version is designed for optimal use on small format devices and is not a full featured version of the interactive mapping tool. For the full featured version, access interactive mapping via a desktop or laptop computer.

Listed below are instructions on how to use the full featured version of the Brisbane City Plan interactive mapping tool. Using the full featured version will make it easier to prepare a development application.

How to find a property

  1. Select 'search' from the main menu.
  2. In the window that appears, fill in your property details (either suburb and address or lot).
  3. Select the 'search' button. The property you are searching for will be displayed on the map with a highlighted border.
  4. Select 'map contents' from the menu to turn on zoning, overlays and other layers.

How to generate a property report

  1. Find a property using the above instructions.
  2. Select 'property' from the menu.
  3. Select the relevant property on the map. The summary details will be displayed. Select either 'here' or 'maximise' to display the full property report in a new printable window.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 (ePlan)

Once you have your property report from interactive mapping, you can read more about development requirements in the Brisbane City Plan 2014. The City Plan, also known as 'ePlan', is available as an electronic document only. The interactive document helps you quickly and easily find what parts of the planning scheme apply to your proposal. It also includes what information you need to provide in your development application.

Planning approval

Depending on your proposed development, the location and site characteristics, you may need to submit a development application to Council. 

For more information about determining whether your proposal would require a development application, phone Council on 3403 8888 to speak with a town planner.

More information

Council's fact sheet using the City Plan can provide additional information. To find out more information or for any additional enquiries, contact Council.

For expert assistance or advice, contact the relevant building or development experts.

Last updated:15 May 2019