Key facts about a property

Before you start a project, check if you need planning approval. To do this, you need to obtain key facts about your site including site area, zoning, neighbourhood plan and overlays. 

City Plan online - mapping

Use the City Plan online mapping tool to find the following information.


The zoning of your property guides the type of development that may occur on your site.

Neighbourhood plans

Brisbane City Council creates neighbourhood plans with input from residents and business owners. They are legal documents that form part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and guide development in local areas. Neighbourhood plans can change the development requirements in local areas. Some may also change the level of assessment for a planning application.


An overlay shows the unique characteristics of a property. They include things such as features to protect, valuable resources and planning matters to consider, such as flooding. The level of assessment required for your development application may be affected by overlays. They may introduce design requirements to consider as part of a planning application.

How to use City Plan online mapping

Access the City Plan online mapping tool.

How to find a property

  1. To search, you can either:
    1. Enter the property address in the search bar (as per the example in grey text in the search bar); or
    2. Enter lot and plan, street or suburb on the right hand side of the search bar
  2. The information you enter should be in the format as suggested for each search type. The results should start to appear as you enter the information.
  3. Click on the correct result to action the search.

The property will appear in the middle of the screen, with boundaries identified by a red dashed outline.

Left hand pane

You can find details of the property in the left hand pane. You can choose to view a:

  • Property Lot report - shows details of the lot
  • Property holding report - shows the holding details. Holdings can sometimes include more than one lot (e.g. two lots on one title or rates notice).

You can also click on the Zones, Neighbourhood Plans and Overlays information, which will take you to the relevant part of the City Plan text that applies to your property.

Right hand pane

In the right hand pane, various mapping layers can be selected and deselected as required. From this pane, you can also:

  • change the base layer (i.e. the aerial view) that the mapping is presented on
  • view the legend
  • create a mark-up on the map using the drawing and text tools and print the results
  • use the measurement tools
  • show sun angles
  • change the transparency of various mapping layers
  • access City Plan online 'help'.

How to generate a property report

  1. Find a property (see above).
  2. In the left hand pane, click either the 'View Property Lot report (PDF)' or 'View Property Holding report (PDF)'.
  3. This will generate a PDF that shows the summary details of the property, including what City Plan mapping layers are relevant.
  4. Print or save the PDF.

City Plan online - planning scheme (requirements)

Once you have your property report from the mapping tool, you can read more about development requirements by viewing the planning scheme. You can access the planning scheme via the property results in the left hand pane or by returning to the 'hamburger menu' (three horizontal blue lines) and selecting 'View the planning scheme'. City Plan online includes City Plan divided into sections so you can quickly and easily find the planning information that relates to your development. 

Planning approval

Depending on your proposed development, the location and site characteristics, you may need to submit a development application to Council. 

For more information about determining whether your proposal would require a development application, phone Council on 3403 8888 to speak with a town planner.

More information

Using City Plan can provide additional information. To find out more information or for any additional enquiries, contact Council.

For expert assistance or advice, contact the relevant building or development experts.

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