Plumbing inspections and as-constructed plans

All permit work must be inspected by Brisbane City Council. During construction the plumbing contractor will contact Council to arrange for the work to be inspected. In most situations, an as-constructed plan of the installed plumbing and drainage will be required.


Prior to booking an inspection:

  • the permit must be issued by Council for the related work
  • a completed Form 7 submitted nominating the Responsible Person for the work being assessed
  • all fees paid
  • the installed plumbing needs to be visible and under test.

Virtual inspections

Council now offers the option of a virtual plumbing inspection. Virtual plumbing inspections are conducted remotely by an officer from Council’s Plumbing Services team. This option offers increased flexibility to the booking time on the day of the inspection. Standard booking timeframe requirements apply, and virtual inspections are only available for some inspection types.  

Final inspections cannot be conducted virtually.

For further information regarding the types of virtual inspection being offered, please contact Council’s Plumbing Services team on 07 3403 9999. 

For steps on how to book and conduct a virtual plumbing inspection, you can download the:

Limits on the number of inspections

The number of inspections included with the initial inspection fee is limited for the following application types:

  • New dwelling house/secondary dwelling/class 10a building – 5 inspections
  • Alterations to dwelling house/secondary dwelling/class 10a building – 3 inspections 
  • Minor commercial installation – 4 inspections
  • Drainage works, pre-fabricated pods and plumbed-in rainwater tanks - 1 inspection
  • Alterations limited to external on-site sewage or greywater facility works - 1 inspection

Inspection limits include cancellations made after 9am the day prior to the scheduled date.

Further inspections may be requested. Fees apply.

Final inspections

Before booking a final plumbing inspection the installation must be complete and ready and all legislated or Council requirements met.

Final inspections for buildings other than dwellings

Council requires:

  • all Form 9’s and payment for any installed testable backflow prevention devices
  • the Commissioning Certificate for any installed treatment facilities
  • a full set of as-constructed drawings on site
  • a PDF version of the as-constructed drawings to be lodged with Council.

The as-constructed drawings are required to be submitted in the same format as Council’s stamped approved set with the same number of drawings/pages.

Download the final inspection fact sheet:

Final inspections for dwellings and ancillary buildings

Council requires:

  • all Form 9’s and payment for any installed testable backflow prevention devices
  • the Commissioning Certificate for any installed treatment facilities.

As-constructed drainage plan requirements for class 1a dwellings and ancillary buildings

Council requires the licensed plumbing contractor to provide an as-constructed drainage plan to the Council Plumbing Inspector at the sanitary drain inspection.

The as-constructed plan is to indicate the sewer connection details and all in-ground sanitary drainage plus the location of the water meter and in-ground water service to the point of entry.

The as-constructed plan must be drawn on the Brisbane City Council template provided below and be either A4 or A3 size. The fact sheet below contains an example indicating the minimum standard required.

Failure to provide the as-constructed drainage plan at the sanitary drain inspection or to the required standard may result in the inspection being failed, which may incur additional charges.

Download the fact sheet and template:

Licensed plumbers

All plumbing and drainage work, other than unregulated work, must be carried out by a licensed plumber or drainer. To confirm a plumber or drainer is in possession of a current suitable license, visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website or phone the QBCC on 13 93 33.

Last updated: 1 July 2021

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