Restoring and researching heritage properties

Find heritage places and buildings in Brisbane with Brisbane City Council's Heritage Register and learn more about how Council protects heritage places. If you are owners or carers of heritage places, read the Heritage Incentives Scheme and fact sheets for conservation plan and guidelines to plan for future work. Council's Heritage walking trails are another way to discover the heritage of Brisbane.

Heritage register database

The heritage register database allows you to search for places listed on Brisbane's Heritage Register. You can find physical details, historical information, builder, architectural period and style, as well as photographs.

Heritage register

Find out about Brisbane's Heritage Register, including how the register is compiled, criteria for entry into the Heritage Register and the nomination process. You can also find other types of heritage registers.

Heritage places

There are over 2000 heritage places listed on Brisbane's Heritage Register. Find information on heritage places and how they are protected.

Protecting heritage

Brisbane's Heritage Register lists places in Brisbane that are protected by Council due to their cultural heritage significance. Find information on how Council is protecting heritage.

Heritage Incentives Scheme

The Heritage Incentives Scheme provides owners with free expert consultation and financial assistance to help them conserve their heritage listed properties.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide owners and carers of heritage places with conservation and maintenance information, and guidelines to plan for future work.

Research the history of your house

Council’s research give easy-to-follow steps and tips to help you discover the history of your home.


Last updated:28 June 2019