Compiling a heritage property maintenance logbook

A logbook is an invaluable tool for heritage property owners as part of the ongoing maintenance of heritage places.

What a logbook should include

A logbook includes essential information about the elements of a heritage place. It is made up of a series of sheets in Microsoft Word format which can be adapted to the specific needs of a heritage place.

The logbook sheets comprise of:

  • heritage listings
  • property details
  • emergency contacts
  • site and building details
  • site and building plans
  • record of inspections and work
  • plumbing and other services
  • interior and exterior elements.

Download the heritage property maintenance logbook (Word - 188kb).

How to complete each logbook sheet

A sample sheet shows what information to record about a heritage place.

Only complete the relevant sections of a sheet when carrying out a building inspection. Complete the following steps:

  • name and/or number each room and allocate a separate sheet for each of them
  • reference and mark windows, doors and fireplaces. Doors are considered to be part of the room into which they open
  • provide sufficient space to draw a site plan and key plan of each level (including the roof) indicating the main features
  • record any additional relevant information in the spaces allocated for sketches/notes.

It may be helpful to use the following abbreviations when looking at the condition of buildings/structures:

  • G = Good
  • F = Fair
  • P = Poor.

More information 

View other Council online fact sheets on heritage properties:

For more information, contact Council.

Last updated: 24 May 2019
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