Types of approval

In Brisbane, there are different types of approvals needed for different types of projects. Brisbane City Council allows some projects to be accepted development. Other projects are accepted development, subject to requirements (previously known as exempt development or self-assessable development). These do not need approvals.

Other types of projects need a development approval and/or building approval. Even if your project does not need a development application, you may still require building approval.

Certain types of development are simply not allowed and you cannot lodge an application for these projects. Council will not assess these applications and refers to these projects as prohibited development.

Accepted development, subject to requirements

Certain types of projects do not need a development application but must comply with Council's rules and applicable Codes. These projects are referred to as accepted development, subject to requirements.

Accepted development

Where development is identified as accepted development, a development application is not required and there is no need to comply with Codes or other requirements of the City Plan.

Development approval

Development approvals determine what types of activities go where, as well as controlling and minimising the potential impacts on the surrounding properties. Council is responsible for assessing development applications and giving development approvals.

Building approval

Building approvals control the safety of buildings and structures and are provided by private building certifiers. Where a building or structure does not meet specific criteria, an application for building work may need to be referred to Council for a siting variation.

Siting variations

You may require a siting variation (or relaxation) from a private building certifier to build within prescribed boundary setbacks. Find out if you need a siting variation and how to apply.

Building and development compliance

Council provides compliance and assessment in relation to the Building Act, Queensland Development Code, pool safety and general advice.

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