Chapter 5: Codes and related provisions - Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000

This page includes information about Chapter 5, Codes and related provisions, under the superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000.

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Chapter 5 of the City Plan listed by section and page
1. Introduction (PDF - 583kb)3
2. Codes 
Acid Sulphate Soil Code (PDF - 99kb)13
Biodiversity Code (PDF - 108kb)21
Caravan Park and Relocatable Home Park Code (PDF - 88kb)25
Centre Amenity and Performance Code (PDF - 342kb)27
Centre Design Code (PDF - 967kb)35
Child Care Facility Code (PDF - 314kb)55
Commercial Character Building Code (PDF - 139kb)59
Community Use Code (PDF - 128kb)65
Demolition Code (PDF - 111kb)69
Energy Efficiency Code (PDF - 118kb)73
Extractive Industry Code (PDF - 107kb)77
Farm Code (PDF - 97kb)81
Filling and Excavation Code (PDF - 108kb)83
Gas and Oil Pipeline Code (PDF - 89kb)87
Heritage Place Code (PDF - 112kb)89
Home Business Code (PDF - 101kb)95
House Code (PDF - 642kb)99
Industrial Amenity and Performance Code (PDF - 111kb)107
Industrial Areas - Adjacent Development Code (PDF - 547kb)111
Industrial Design Code (PDF - 235kb)115
Landing Code (PDF - 136kb)123
Landscaping Code (PDF - 114kb)125
Light Nuisance Code (PDF - 89kb)131
Non-discriminatory Access and Use Code (PDF - 89kb)133
Operational Works Code (PDF - 95kb)135
Outdoor Sport and Recreation Code (PDF - 144kb)137
Park Code (PDF - 151kb)139
Park Planning and Design Code (PDF - 157kb)144a
Particular Development Code (PDF - 119kb)145
Residential Design - Character Code (PDF - 208kb)147
Residential Design - Small Lot Code (PDF - 697kb)155
Residential Design - Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code (PDF - 315kb)165
Residential Design - Medium Density Code (PDF - 205kb)177
Residential Design - High Density Code (PDF - 281kb)187
Residential Design - Single Unit Dwelling Code (PDF - 249kb)196a
Residential Design - Special Needs Code (PDF - 88kb)197
Satellite Dish Code (PDF - 78kb)199
Service Station Code (PDF - 108kb)201
Services, Works and Infrastructure Code (PDF - 108kb)203
Short Term Accommodation Code (PDF - 102kb)205
Stable Code (PDF - 213kb)207
Stormwater Management Code (PDF - 138kb)211
Structure Planning Code (PDF - 251kb)217
Subdivision Code (PDF - 905kb)227
Telecommunication Tower Code (PDF - 100kb)253
Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Code (PDF - 1.12Mb)255
Waste Water Management (on-site effluent) Code (PDF - 96kb)259
Waterway Code (PDF - 211kb)261
Wetland Code (PDF - 86kb)265

Download the superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000 Index (PDF - 149kb).

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