Brisbane City Plan 2014 supporting information

Brisbane City Council has developed Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) supporting information to help you better understand the planning scheme and what it means for development in Brisbane. Information is available online and/or as a downloadable fact sheet.

Council understands that many are experiencing hardship and challenges following the 2022 severe weather and flood event.

Council has dedicated officers who can answer simple questions about your development intentions for recovery from the recent weather event, including:

  • if you need a development application
  • what information you need to provide with your development application
  • how the development process will work.

Phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak with a Planning Information Officer.

Refer to our Approvals for repairing, raising, or rebuilding flood-affected houses fact sheet (Word - 786kb) for key information and advice about when a Council approval is required to repair or rebuild a house after a flood, including renovations, plumbing, and pool fences.

Supporting information for using City Plan online

  1. Navigating the City Plan online home page (Word - 3.4Mb)
  2. View and compare versions in City Plan online (Word - 664kb)
  3. Registering as a user, viewing proposed amendments and making a submission (Word - 586kb)

Supporting information for residents

  1. Using the City Plan
  2. Overlays 
  3. Residential zones
  4. Houses 
  5. Small-lot houses 
  6. Home-based businesses
  7. Heritage and character buildings 
  8. Subdividing land 
  9. Centre, mixed use and specialised centre zones 
  10. Industry zones 
  11. Flood planning provisions 
  12. Neighbourhood centres 
  13. Guide to the development requirements for setting up a market in Brisbane 
  14. How to access development assessment information and tools 
  15. Granny flats
  16. Guide to preparing a landscape concept plan
  17. Guide to preparing a rehabilitation plan
  18. Transport planning for development
  19. Building and Construction Management Team
  20. Residential development in suburban zones
  21. Holiday and short-term rentals
  22. How to get planning advice on liquor licence proposals
  23. Heritage exemption certificate to carry out development on a local heritage place
  24. Exemption certificates
  25. Lodging a properly made application

Supporting information for industry professionals

  1. Guide to the development of dwelling houses (Word - 536kb)
  2. Guide to residential development (Word - 739kb)
  3. Guide to student accommodation (Word - 722kb)
  4. Subdividing land
  5. Guide to industrial development
  6. Guide to centre and mixed use development (Word - 168kb)
  7. Guide to car parking rates for residential development (Word - 133kb)
  8. Guide to the Noise impact assessment planning scheme policy (Word - 2.4Mb)
  9. Guide to the Air quality planning scheme policy (Word - 746kb)
  10. Guide to the Industrial hazard and risk assessment planning scheme policy (Word - 1.5Mb)
  11. Guide to development in the Transport air quality corridor overlay (Word - 1.1Mb)
  12. Frequently asked questions (Word - 145kb)
  13. Frequently asked questions for building certifiers (Word - 202kb)
  14. Guide to understanding residential forms (Word - 3.9Mb)
  15. Pre-start meetings (Word - 321kb)
  16. Construction management plans
  17. Building and Construction Management Team (Word 114kb)
  18. Building and Construction Management Team - Liaison Officers (Word - 119kb)
  19. Facade detail on tall buildings (Word - 963kb)
  20. DesignSMART
  21. New world city design guide: buildings that breathe – living greenery (PDF - 181kb)
  22. Telecommunication fibre-ready infrastructure with new development (PDF - 424.62kb)
  23. Long term infrastructure plans fact sheet (Word - 782kb)
  24. Guide to deep planting fact sheet (Word - 975kb)
  25. Timely Plan Sealing fact sheet (Word - 123kb)

Interpretation and guidance

  1. 01/17 Dwelling house (small lot) code (Word - 166kb)
  2. 01/19 Footpath dining (Word - 118kb)
  3. 01/20 Basement vs storey and calculating building height in storeys (Word - 421kb)
  4. 01/21 What is generally in accordance (GIA) (Word - 110kb)
  5. 02/21 Practice Note – Determining the construction date of a building (Word – 145kb)
Last updated: 24 May 2022

Brisbane City Council acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and their unique relationship with their ancestral country. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of Brisbane, and recognise their strength and wisdom.