Building and Construction Management Team

The Building and Construction Management Team (BCMT) combines the services previously delivered by the Suburban Construction Management Taskforce (SCMT), the Development Assurance Unit (DAU) and the Plan Sealing Team into a single structure.

The BCMT is a dedicated team which liaises with industry and residents to ensure approved development construction occurs efficiently and with minimal disruption to the surrounding community and also coordinates post development approval requirements to ensure assurance and quality development outcomes.

BCMT function

Council’s BCMT has two main functions:

  1. Building and Construction Liaison function: BCMT officers proactively engage with development sites under construction across Brisbane.
  2. Building and Construction Coordination function: BCMT officers coordinate the processes associated at the end of a subdivision of land, or multiple dwelling development, where a survey plan must be lodged with Council for approval.

Building and Construction Liaison Function - FAQs

How will BCMT benefit the development and construction industry?

The BCMT will:

  • provide proactive engagement to resolve issues quickly before they become problems. Early engagement and a new prelodgement process prior to plan sealing assists in identifying and resolving matters early
  • provide a single point of contact when assisting developers/builders and the community related construction issues
  • educate builders and developers regarding the intent of conditions – influence a change in culture within the industry
  • ensure builders and developers construct their projects in accordance with the approvals granted by Council – ensured accountability and quality assurance
  • reduce complaints from the community – early involvement during construction ensures potential issues are identified and resolved promptly
  • build trust through partnership with the development industry to reduce the need to instigate enforcement action – BCMT helps facilitate an outcome in line with the Council approvals
  • provide support, guidance, and a link between the building industry and Council’s internal stakeholders (Compliance, Council’s Asset Management, Transport Planning etc).

What does BCMT do?

The BCMT was established to respond quickly and efficiently to residents’ feedback about developments under construction. The dedicated team:

  • responds to community concerns and complaints about nuisances caused to the surrounding area as a result of construction activities
  • engages with developers, builders and contractors to discuss possible nuisance issues and measures that can minimise or overcome them in relation to noise, dust, out-of-hours work, traffic and stormwater
  • partners with the industry to create a culture of operating with regard and consideration to the surrounding area early in the process and identifying potential nuisance issues
  • engages with developers, builders and contractors for selected sites prior to the commencement of construction work to address an issue proactively.

Are there common development issues identified during construction?

Council’s Building and Construction Liaison Officers work closely with builders to help identify and resolve issues and ensure compliance with the approved conditions during construction. These include:

  • the development approval package not being readily available on site
  • screening (where required on balconies, windows, and all air conditioning units)
  • landscaping (reductions and intrusions)
  • streetscape (footpaths not in accordance with Council standards, street trees removed or damaged without approval, etc.)
  • access driveway grades (not in accordance with Council standards)
  • car parking heights (non-compliant with development approval)
  • erosion and sediment controls not maintained
  • inconsistencies between the approved plans and built form requiring a change application to be made to Council
  • building work noise – no noise from building work between
    • 6.30pm to 6.30am, Monday to Saturday
    • at any time on a Sunday
  • dust suppression (dust and dirt affecting neighbours and interfering with their normal activities or wellness).

Who do I contact if I have a concern about a nearby construction site?

In the first instance look for building sign with contractor details at the development frontage and communicate with the development representatives.

Where to direct other common concerns:

For any issues or concerns about a nearby construction site, you can also:

  • phone Council's Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888 (they are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year)
  • email the BCMT Liaison team.

Building and Construction Coordination Function - FAQs

The role of the Building and Construction Coordination Officers is to partner with applicants to assess plan sealing applications, where a survey plan has been submitted to Council for endorsement. This team provides a single point of contact for this stage of a development and will facilitate other associated approvals and documentation within Council.

The team is responsible for, but not limited to the following activities.

  • Pre-lodgement meetings and advice.
  • Co-ordinating the assessment and compliance of conditions of development approvals and all other requirements to allow the sealing of survey plans.
  • Allocation of house numbering.
  • Assessment and approval of street names.
  • Co-ordinating the preparation of legal documentation (easements, easement surrenders, covenants, and transfers of land) where in favour of Council.
  • Coordinating the inputs for plan sealing from other areas of Council including engineers, waste and asset owners.
  • Proactively engaging with the Building and Construction Liaison Officers to ensure projects are built in accordance with the relevant development approvals.


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