Building and Construction Management Team

Brisbane City Council has a dedicated Building and Construction Management Team (BCMT) (formerly known as Suburban Construction Management Taskforce) which work closely with the Brisbane community and the development industry to minimise development impacts during construction.  BCMT also ensures a streamlined endorsement of survey plans once a development is finalised and has met all relevant conditions of the development approval. 

Construction occurring across Brisbane is important for jobs and the economy but if not managed well, construction can create issues and be a nuisance for those close to development sites. There are a range of legislative requirements that regulate development activity to ensure the safe operation of the site and limit the impact on the surrounding area.

The safe management of the site and minimisation of impacts on nearby properties is the responsibility of the developers, builders and contractors. It is necessary for Council to ensure construction, demolition and excavation sites do not adversely affect health, safety, amenity, traffic or the environment.

The BCMT is a team specifically created to respond to concerns raised during construction and issues that arise from construction activity. The types of construction concerns that BCMT investigate and respond to include:

  • air quality and dust management
  • construction noise and vibration
  • traffic and footway impacts
  • stormwater and sediment control
  • non-compliance with the development approval conditions
  • out-of-hours construction.

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What does BCMT do?

The BCMT was established to respond quickly and efficiently to residents’ feedback about developments under construction. The dedicated team:

  • responds to community concerns and complaints about nuisances caused to the surrounding area as a result of construction activities
  • engages with developers, builders and contractors to discuss possible nuisance issues and measures that can minimise or overcome them in relation to noise, dust, out-of-hours work, traffic and stormwater
  • partners with the industry to create a culture of operating with regard and consideration to the surrounding area early in the process and identifying potential nuisance issues
  • engages with developers, builders and contractors for selected sites prior to the commencement of construction work to address an issue proactively.

What does a well-managed construction site look like?

If a construction site is being well managed, the type of controls you would expect to be in place are listed below.

Many of these controls should be evident when looking at the site.

Air quality and dust management

  • air quality is maintained at acceptable levels in and around construction sites
  • minimisation of construction dust and loose materials through suppression techniques (e.g. use of water trucks for watering down sites).

Construction noise and vibration

Measures to minimise the impact of construction noise and vibration on the immediate area.

Traffic and footway impacts

Disruption to passing vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists caused by construction activities is proactively managed to ensure the safety of all road users.

Stormwater and sediment control

  • measures to prevent contamination of, or damage to, stormwater drains and waterways
  • measures to ensure sediment from the building site is retained onsite during construction work.

Construction Management Plan

Most construction sites will have a Construction Management Plan (CMP) in place. This plan is an official document that addresses health, safety, traffic management and amenity issues relating to the construction site and its relationship with the nearby locality. The CMP must include and specify how the work is to be carried out for the construction of particular developments.

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Out-of-hours construction

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EPA) sets out hours for construction work which are from 6.30am-6.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Construction may occur outside of these hours, however an out-of-hours permit must be obtained from Council.

Who do I contact if I have a concern about a nearby construction site?

For any issues or concerns about a nearby construction site, phone Council’s Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or email the BCMT via the dedicated team emails:

  • BCMT North - for properties North of the Brisbane river
  • BCMT South - for properties South of the Brisbane river

More information

You can also read further information about Erosion and sediment control and Building work noise or phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Disclaimer: This content has been developed to provide general advice and information on what a well-managed construction site should look like and the role of the Building and Construction Management Team. Brisbane City Council expressly disclaims all liability for errors and omissions of any kind whatsoever whether negligent or otherwise for any loss, damage, injury or other consequences that may arise from reliance on this publication.

Last updated: 28 April 2021