Design focused prelodgement package

Brisbane City Council has released the New World City Design Guide: Buildings that Breathe to help shape the future of green building design in Brisbane. In partnership with this guide, Development Services has a prelodgement service called the design focused prelodgement package.

The design focused prelodgement package provides advice to assist customers in optimising the planning, urban design, built form, public realm, and landscaping outcomes of a proposal, as well as advice about the aligning the proposal with Council's New World City Design Guide: Buildings that Breathe.

This service applies to residential and commercial development and is not limited to development within the CBD. 

New World City Design Guide: Buildings that Breathe provides a shared vision for development in the city centre and other major activity areas in conjunction with Council’s neighbourhood planning processes and Brisbane City Plan 2014

When is a design focused prelodgement package recommended?

This service is highly recommended for customers whose proposed residential or commercial development is located within the following zones:

  • Principal centre (City centre) and Principal centre (Regional centres)
  • Mixed use (Inner city), Mixed use (Centre frame) and Mixed use (Corridor)
  • High density residential (up to 8 storeys) and High density residential (up to 15 storeys)
  • District centre (District) and District centre (Corridor)
  • Community facilities (Major health care) and Community facilities (Major sport venue)
  • Specialised centre (Major education and research facility) and Specialised centre (Entertainment and conference centre).

What to expect from a design focused prelodgement package service?

As part of the design phase of a development proposal customers have the opportunity to  present their development at three prelodgement meetings with Council officers and members of the Independent Design Advisory Panel (IDAP), where feedback and recommendations about the design of their development proposal will be provided. 

This service will form an integral component prior to and during the early stages of the design phase of a development and will establish open and consultative communication. The series of prelodgement meetings will provide guidance to customers to shape the design of a development proposal to align with the elements of the New World City Design Guide: Buildings that Breathe. These meetings will also provide advice on other technical issues.

How to arrange a design focused prelodgement package?

To arrange a design focused prelodgement package, complete the Development Services Enquiry online form and select 'Prelodgement Package'.

Who should attend meeting as part of design focused prelodgement packages?

Architects, planning consultants and other development industry professionals will meet with Council architects, senior urban planners and any other relevant specialists.

Depending on the issues being discussed landscape architects, ecology or engineering specialists may also be required to attend.

What is the fee for a design focused prelodgement package?

This service is offered for a fee. You can choose to pay via the online form or upon lodgement of your request, you will be issued with a fee quote.

Council will endeavour to commence the series of prelodgement design meetings within 15 business days of fee payment.

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