City Centre Master Plan Vision and Strategy

Our city centre is open for business. We open the door to every enterprise, big and small, and encourage new ideas to grow and prosper. Our buildings unfold on to the streets and open-air events ignite our city, day and night. Our river and outdoor spaces provide breathing space and embrace our wonderful climate. Our city centre is open to all people, from Brisbane, Australia and abroad.

In every sense, we are an open city.

Five strategies – towards an open city

The Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 set out five key strategies to achieve our vision as an open city and provide a framework for guiding development and investment over the next 20 years.

For further information on each of the strategies you can download the City Centre Master Plan.

Economic development – Brisbane is open to investment and geared for prosperity

Our youthful and entrepreneurial spirit, coveted lifestyle and proximity to Asia are the foundations of our future. We will unlock development opportunities and welcome business investment by expanding our city centre into a network of inner-city precincts. These business, education, retail and cultural precincts will be revitalised and inter-connected to offer a cosmopolitan lifestyle that will also attract skilled workers and tourists from around the globe.

We are forward-thinking innovators and industry leaders with room for every business that wants to join us.

Public realm – in Brisbane we enjoy the open air

Our relaxed, open-air lifestyle and subtropical climate define us. Key streets will be upgraded to city boulevards, featuring shady trees, vibrant retail and sophisticated street furniture. Waterfront precincts and city parks will be revitalised to provide our bustling urban heart with spaces to relax, walk, dine and play.


Built form – in our city every building is beautiful

We are a city of urban verandahs, where the walls of our buildings will fold away to capture cooling breezes and natural light while providing abundant shade and protection. Buildings will be designed to make the most of our pleasant subtropical climate. High quality architecture will accommodate our growing economy and contribute positively to Brisbane’s skyline.

Social and cultural – discover our urban playground

Welcome to Brisbane’s civic and cultural heart. State-of-the-art cultural and lifestyle destinations will be established, providing opportunities to connect, create, learn and share. Our streets, laneways and small spaces will be enlivened with events, markets, lighting and public art to become places of cultural and creative energy.


Transport – our city centre is a special place where people move freely

The city centre is a place for people and business to connect. Improvements to public transport and our city streets will ensure we can easily access our urban heart and move around safely as pedestrians. Grand gateways will be revitalised to celebrate the arrival into our capital and better connections will be made to our river and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Last updated: 17 September 2019