City Reach Waterfront Master Plan

Brisbane City Council is preparing a master plan for the City Reach Waterfront that will explore how the area can continue to evolve into a world-class employment and lifestyle precinct.


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City Reach Waterfront Master Plan area

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City Reach Waterfront opportunities

The City Reach Waterfront includes some of the city's most valuable commercial land and iconic riverside public spaces, and is a significant destination for office workers, residents and tourists.

The master plan process will be guided by the following principles:

  • An accessible precinct – space for pedestrians, cyclists, workers and visitors
  • A destination precinct – more things to see and do, with opportunities to access the river
  • A unified precinct – outcomes that benefit the whole precinct

Initial themes to be investigated in the master plan are:

  • Putting people first – Making the area easy to access and improving existing public spaces
  • Creating more reasons to visit – A New World City is a 24-hour city, with entertainment and activities for all
  • Connecting the city to the river – Finding new ways to make the most of the river setting
  • Developing a distinct identity – Establishing a sense of place by showcasing heritage, public art and greenspace

An opportunities document has been prepared by Council to identify initial focus areas for these themes:

Master planning for the City Reach Waterfront was identified as an initiative in the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 and will support other Council strategies and frameworks including the:

Community engagement

Council launched the master plan process in September 2018 with a public survey asking the community to reflect and comment on their connection to the City Reach area.

Council is currently analysing the feedback received and identifying opportunities to address community feedback through the draft master plan.

Initial feedback has included:

  • the waterfront is crowded and too narrow in places to meet the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and other users who want to linger
  • there is a need for more shaded green space and additional places to sit and enjoy the scenery
  • people desire more day and night activity, but consideration should also be given to potential impacts for the existing residential community
  • there is a strong demand for more community spaces in the area (90% of survey respondents), followed by cafes (46%), restaurants and bars (31%) and retail stores (15%)
  • of potential future river activities in the area, 57% of survey respondents indicated an interest in using passive craft (including kayaks, canoes and paddle boards), 56% in tour boats and water taxies and 24% in recreational craft (including yachts, small boats and jet skis).

Next steps

Council is currently preparing the draft City Reach Waterfront Master Plan which will be released for public consultation in 2019.


Timeline for the City Reach Waterfront Master Plan process
September 2018

City Reach Waterfront Master Plan process commenced and opportunities document released.

Public survey open from 28 September to 29 October 2018.


Public consultation on the draft master plan.

More information

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