Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan

Brisbane City Council is preparing a neighbourhood plan that will help shape the future of the Banyo– Northgate area. Once complete, the Banyo– Northgate Neighbourhood Plan will become part of Brisbane’s planning scheme, Brisbane City Plan 2014, to guide future development in line with the local community's vision and priorities.

Project update

Council released the draft plan from 2 November to 17 December 2018 for community feedback and 85 submissions were received. Following a review of these submissions, Brisbane City Council endorsed the revised Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan on 21 May 2019.

Council reviewed all the submissions and made a number of changes in response, including:

  • confirming future land use for the employment precincts at Northgate and Bindha
  • clarifying design provisions for new buildings particularly in Northgate and Bindha
  • ensuring that the maximum building height in the Banyo District Centre is in line with other District Centres across the city
  • confirming the extent of the industrial amenity investigation area, which helps Council to manage potential air quality and noise impacts on the community
  • confirming character protections including extending City Plan’s traditional building character overlay.

Submitters will receive an email (or letter) with their submitter number and can view how their submissions have been addressed.

The revised draft plan is now with the Queensland Government for the final state interest review, which may result in additional changes prior to adoption in late 2019.

Download the revised draft plan, including maps, and the submissions report here:

Banyo-Northgate draft Neighbourhood Plan, and associated maps and figures:

Plan overview

The draft plan aims to guide the area's future growth and change, in a way that complements its character while encouraging more local jobs, services and activities. The key outcomes from the draft plan include:

  • extending protections to 119 additional properties to maintain traditional building character
  • protecting five additional heritage, four additional pre-1911 and 9 additional commercial character buildings
  • creating more space for businesses to expand and host up to 5000 new jobs, and support two future employment precincts at Northgate and Virginia (Bindha station)
  • ensuring that industrial activities important for Brisbane's jobs and economy can continue to thrive in the area
  • allowing the Banyo centre to expand and provide more local services
  • planning for new housing, particularly near railway stations.

Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan area

View the Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan area in a larger map.

The boundaries of the Banyo-Northgate plan area include:

  • Nundah Creek and the Virginia Golf Club to the north
  • the East-West Arterial Road to the south
  • Southern Cross Way and the Gateway Motorway to the east
  • Sandgate Road and the Toombul-Nundah Neighbourhood Plan to the west.

You can also download the Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan area (PDF - 438kb).


A summary of community engagement activities in Banyo-Northgate.
Late 2016 to mid-2017

Background research - in summary:

  • 1109 online survey responses
  • 3 Community Planning Team meetings
  • 3 information kiosks.

Download the:

27 October to 8 December 2017

Release of draft strategy - in summary:

  • 49 submissions made by email, letter or in person
  • 64 online survey responses which included a mix of 'ratings' and comments
  • 18 survey responses which included satisfaction ratings
  • 4 information kiosks
  • 1 Community Planning Team meeting.

Download the:

Early-mid 2018

First draft of the neighbourhood plan:

Council prepared a draft neighbourhood plan to amend City Plan based on community input and further technical reviews of the area. The Queensland Government then completed a state interest review and approved the draft plan for public notification and final community submissions.

Download the:

2 November-17 December 2018

Submissions period:

Release of the draft neighbourhood plan for final community submissions.

Download the:

May 2019 Second Queensland Government review.
Mid-late 2019

Council adoption and inclusion in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint

After input from more than 100,000 residents, in June 2018 Council released Brisbane's Future Blueprint with eight principles to guide decisions for Brisbane. One of these principles is creating a city of neighbourhoods where residents are close to the services they need and the lifestyle and leisure options they want.

Council creates plans like the Banyo-Northgate Neighbourhood Plan to help make this long-term vision a reality.

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Last updated:19 September 2019