River's Edge Strategy

The River's Edge Strategy is Council’s plan to improve access and activity on and alongside the inner-city reaches of the Brisbane River. The strategy guides the enhancement of the river’s recreational and economic development opportunities over the next 10 years. 

A range of potential projects are identified to encourage residents, businesses and tourists to make better use of the Brisbane River and its edges from the suburbs of St Lucia and Yeronga to Bulimba and Hamilton.

One example project is the River Access Network implementation plan, launched in August 2017.

The strategy was developed and refined using ideas and feedback from Brisbane residents, businesses and river user groups received through public consultation during October 2012 and June 2013. It also links to Brisbane's River Art Framework, which presents a vision for a world-class collection of public art along the River's edge.

You can download the strategy or the one-page quick reference guide: 

Strategy summary

The River’s Edge Strategy is set out under the four themes of Place, Play, Connect and Enable.

Potential projects for consideration and possible implementation by government, business or community groups are presented under each theme.


Place projects include:

  • establish riverside eating and drinking precincts in local communities along the river
  • create opportunities to buy food and drink from mobile vendors in riverside parks and public spaces
  • highlight the diverse character of our river's edge through a series of walking and cycling trails exploring key themes
  • provide community art spaces for temporary outdoor exhibitions along the river
  • introduce themed feature lighting in key river locations
  • expand the public art program to include additional riverside public art
  • introduce a RiverParks program to review the level of park facilities needed and identify parks suitable for temporary events
  • improve lighting to major riverside parks and paths
  • establish small RiverRest places for quiet reflection and enjoyment of river views
  • maintain and promote a diversity of river's edge treatments such as natural beaches and RiverWalks.


Play projects include:

  • establish a network of non-motorised watercraft launch and short term mooring sites
  • investigate an urban flying fox (zipline) across the river from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs to the City Botanic Gardens
  • investigate a CBD riverside public lap swimming pool
  • investigate an urban outdoor sports centre at Queens Wharf under the Riverside Expressway
  • launch a network of RiverStop places for public access to, and enjoyment of the river
  • promote the river as an important stage for events
  • introduce world-class sporting events
  • establish inter-suburban and inter-school river recreational events.


Connect projects include:

  • draw Brisbane communities together with a three-pronged approach to cross-river pedestrian and cycle connections
    • enhance our iconic CityCat, CityHopper and CityFerry services including the construction of the Milton Ferry Terminal
    • develop additional bridges for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport
    • facilitate new on-demand water taxi services
  • investigate a RiverHub - a new consolidated public marina and tourist boat terminal
  • establish a network of short-term mooring sites for recreational vessels
  • develop additional boat ramps
  • expand the RiverWalk pedestrian and cycle network
  • launch RiverConnect - a series of off-river routes linking RiverWalk segments
  • create new, and promote existing, jogging, walking and cycling loops (RiverLoops)
  • introduce RiverLink - a network of improved pedestrian and cycle links from major commercial and residential areas and bus and rail stations to the river.


Enable projects include:

  • continue the Brisbane River Working Group, a cross-government and major stakeholders working group
  • review the regulatory framework for proposals on the river
  • create a 'Brisbane River brand‘
  • promote simple RiverResponsibilities to help river and RiverWalk users to enjoy the river harmoniously
  • launch comprehensive information and mapping to showcase elements of this strategy
  • encourage visitors using the CityCat and CityHopper to hop off at riverside destinations
  • reveal the river’s lesser-known places by developing innovative signage or pavement marking.
Last updated: 13 May 2019