Urban Futures Brisbane

Brisbane City Council draws on the expert and independent strategic advice of the Urban Futures Brisbane (UFB) Board when considering planning projects that enhance economic growth, support and encourage businesses, and maintain Brisbane’s friendly, energetic and subtropical lifestyle. 

The Urban Futures Brisbane Board meets six times a year and is supported by a secretariat that sits within Council's City Planning and Economic Development branch.

The board is responsible for four main initiatives grouped under the portfolio areas of Urban Renewal Brisbane, Better Suburbs Initiative Board, Inclusive Brisbane Board and the Independent Design Advisory Panel.

Urban Futures Brisbane Board members

The board members have a wealth of industry and government experience. Read the individuals' industry background and experience.

Better Suburbs Initiative Board

The role of the Better Suburbs Initiative (BSI) Board is to guide and shape a program of renewal across the city and provide independent advice on how to achieve renewal in Brisbane’s suburbs. The Board will assist Council to identify opportunities to facilitate viable investment and reinvigoration, enhancing suburban quality of life through enhanced economic performance and infrastructure investment in the suburbs of Brisbane. The Board will provide advice on:

  • solutions required to enable renewal of strategic suburban locations, in a manner which facilitates development in partnership with local investors and the local community
  • a coordinated approach to infrastructure delivery, planning and development issues in suburban locations throughout Brisbane
  • the successful delivery of projects, services, and initiatives for suburban locations throughout Brisbane
  • future priorities for investment to help inform budget processes and cross-government projects.

Inclusive Brisbane Board

The Inclusive Brisbane Board provides advice and guidance to Council on social inclusion issues, especially in relation to growth and development across Brisbane. This includes:

  • building resilience within communities
  • acting on key homelessness issues across Brisbane
  • seeking opportunities to provide arts and creative spaces
  • encouraging coordinated efforts of services across all levels of government and the community.

Independent Design Advisory Panel

The Independent Design Advisory Panel consists of a range of members independent from Council who provide industry-based real world advice on:

  • design, quality and appropriateness of strategies and projects of importance to Brisbane's growth
  • enhancing the quality of Council's planning approach by contributing innovative ideas.

Urban Renewal Brisbane

For more than 20 years, Urban Renewal Brisbane has continued to pursue practical and innovative rejuvenation of the central business district and important inner-city areas.

Urban Renewal Brisbane ensures these revitalised areas are a great place for people and business by focusing on integrating:

  • transit
  • mixed-use areas
  • subtropical building forms
  • new and improved public spaces.

The City Centre Master Plan has been developed to: 

  • reinforce the city centre as Queensland's major economic and retail hub ensuring future capacity and infrastructure exists to support growth and economic activity
  • ensure high standards of urban development and subtropical design of buildings and public spaces
  • enhance the city centre as a people place by creating new recreational spaces, cultural facilities and experiences
  • improve access to the city centre for local businesses, residents and workers with new transit and better walking and cycling options.

More information

The UFB Board welcomes the opportunity to develop links with others wishing to contribute to Brisbane’s future prosperity.

  • Write to: 
    UFB Secretariat
    City Planning and Economic Development branch
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001
  • Phone Council on 07 3403 8888
Last updated:17 February 2020