Annexures to reference specifications for civil engineering work

There are two parts of the specifications system:

The annexure needs to be submitted and referenced with the specification. The annexure modifies the reference specification by additions, deletions or amendments. It takes precedence over any inconsistent provisions in the reference specification, in particular, the technical needs for the project.

Alternatively, you can use a 'job specification' to provide information. If both annexure and job specification are used, the job specification takes precedence.

How to fill out the annexure

The annexure to the reference specifications are available for you to download.

You can either mark-up a paper copy to suit the proposed contract or edit the file in Microsoft Word. Please note that the section and page breaks in the Microsoft Word file have been inserted to suit double-sided printing.

When you fill out the annexure, it is important to clearly identify the project in the header or text of the annexure, as each annexure is job-specific. If edited in Microsoft Word, insert the project description or contract serial number into the document header. Alternatively, write the project description or contract serial number into each section of a printed and hand-written document.


Last updated: 9 May 2019

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