Technical documents

Brisbane Council Council has prepared research findings about stormwater pipes and Council's pavement management system. Use this page to access these technical documents.

The cracking of stormwater pipes and the significance of construction loads

Pavement marking materials trial

Technical guidelines

The technical guidelines are either supplements or referred to in the Subdivision and Development Guidelines or Standard Drawings.

Technical notes and guidelines

Guidelines for the Use of Coloured Pavement Surface Treatments and Markings in Brisbane City Council (Version 2.1)

Technical notes

Transport and traffic guidelines

Transport Signs Manual (Issue C - September 2004)

Bicycle Signage Manual (Issued September 2014)

Water Quality and Water Management Guidelines

Urban Stormwater Management Strategy

Erosion Treatments for Urban Creeks (2004, Version 3)

Natural Channel Design

Stormwater Outlets in Parks and Waterways (2003, Version 2)

Landscape Design for Water Conservation

Guidelines for Pollutant Export Modelling

Guidelines for Stormwater from Service Stations (Version 2, September 2007)

Table Drains Erosion Control Guideline (January 2001)

Guidelines on Identifying and Applying Water Quality Objectives in Brisbane City

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