Darra Village Precinct Project

Brisbane City Council is investing $940,000 in a streetscape improvement project to revitalise the neighbourhood shopping precinct in Darra, along Railway Parade and Darra Station Road (from Rowe Terrace up to Lee Lane). There are also improvement works further up Darra Station Road, directly north of Lee Road.

Council is working with the local community to revitalise the Darra neighbourhood shopping precinct, making sure it is an attractive, connected and safe centre for locals and visitors.

This is part of Council's commitment to create a city of neighbourhoods and improve the amenity of local retail villages with better paths, trees and seating, and new creative outcomes.

Community consultation and engagement

Council launched the Darra Village Precinct Project in late September 2019. The local community was encouraged the become involved in the planning for the improvement proposal by providing feedback via an online survey and by sharing ideas in person at the information kiosk at the Darra Street Festival. 38 online surveys were completed. 

The improvement proposal has been prepared in response to the community's feedback. In summary, feedback and suggestions from the community on the function and appearance of the existing centre highlighted the need to improve:

  • pedestrian safety and amenity
  • places to sit and gather
  • overall streetscape amenity and attractiveness
  • planting, shade and greenery
  • the need to celebrate the diversity of the precinct.

View the improvement proposal

Proposed improvements include:

  • reduced traffic speed to 40 km/h within the Village Precinct Project boundary and associated traffic calming
  • additional pedestrian crossing points to improve pedestrian safety into and within the shopping precinct
  • upgrades to existing pedestrian crossing points and kerb ramps to improve pedestrian accessibility and safety into and within the shopping precinct
  • changes to the existing car parking layout to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety within the precinct
  • footpath upgrades to improve accessibility, maintenance and visual amenity
  • build-outs in the road carriageway to improve pedestrian safety and support traffic calming and enhance visual amenity
  • groundcover plantings to new and existing garden beds
  • new standard street furniture and unique seating
  • new street, pedestrian and creative lighting to improve the night time presence of the precinct
  • artwork and lighting creative outcomes.

Download the improvement proposal plan:

The final improvement plan can also be viewed at:

Creative outcomes

The community was initially invited to share their ideas for the public space improvements for the project during September and October 2019. The feedback helped inform the rationale for improvements to the centre. The intent of the creative outcomes is to promote a sense of connection throughout the precinct with the local community, improve the centre's identity and celebrate local character. The creative outcomes will be delivered by late 2020.

Construction timing

Streetscape construction started early 2020 and is now complete.

More information

For more information on the Darra Village Precinct Project, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the project team.

Last updated: 9 December 2020