Brisbane City Council has tools, forms and guidelines to help you with planning and building, construction and development. Use PD Online to identify your proposal's level of assessment, track your planning application or submission, do a property enquiry or use the interactive maps. You can find planning rules, laws and regulations for property development in Brisbane's planning scheme, Brisbane City Plan 2014, lodge a plumbing and drainage application and find Brisbane standard design drawings for drainage, parks or roads.

Quick links

City Plan amendment

View the details of the latest City Plan amendment, which came into effect Friday 24 March 2017.

Neighbourhood planning

Learn about neighbourhood planning and urban renewal, including projects, community consultations, tools and more.

Buildings that Breathe

Council has prepared a design guide which provides a vision for achieving subtropical building design in Brisbane.

Heritage properties

Discover heritage buildings and places, and find information on how to restore heritage properties in Brisbane.

Changes and extensions

Council has introduced processes that may allow you to make minor changes to a development approval or to request an extension of time.

Heritage trails

Learn about Brisbane's historic buildings by participating in one of Council's suburban heritage walking trails.

Talk to a Planner

Council holds Talk to a Planner sessions to help people understand City Plan and how it relates to their property or business.

City Plan videos

Watch videos about Brisbane City Plan 2014, including how you can access and interact with the City Plan online.

Find what you need

Key facts about a property

Obtain key facts about your site such as site area, zoning, neighbourhood plan and overlays using Council's online tools: PD Online, ePlan and interactive mapping.

Residential projects

Find important information and what approvals are needed for common residential projects including new homes or extensions, fences and pools. 

Business projects

Find important information and what approvals are needed for common business projects including operating a home business or opening a shop or restaurant.

Subdividing land

Most subdivisions need planning approval. Find out what you need to do to subdivide your land. 

Heritage properties

Learn about researching and restoring heritage properties, including what approvals you might need.

Types of development and building approval

Information about approvals, including situations where an application is not required or where a project is a prohibited development.

How to apply and what to do after approval

Find out the types of planning and building applications and how to apply for your project. Also find what you need to do after your development is approved.

Buying, selling and searches

Find commonly required information and searches when buying or selling a property.