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Code assessable development applications

A code assessable development application is assessed against all the applicable codes identified in Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) as assessment benchmarks. It can be assessed relatively quickly and does not require public notification.

Key facts to know

When considering a code assessable development, you will need to have your application approved before starting any activity or development.

All code assessable developments will be assessed against the applicable codes in City Plan.

There are several types of codes in City Plan:

You will need to check your application against Part 5: Category of development and assessment to determine which codes are relevant to your application.

Approval prospects

To assist you in gauging the approval prospects of your application, the following scenarios outline some typical outcomes:

  • a proposal that complies with all the assessment benchmarks must be approved
  • a proposal that does not comply with an acceptable outcome (or outcomes) but provides sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with the performance outcome(s) or the purpose of the code must be approved
  • a proposal that does not comply or demonstrate compliance with the performance outcomes or purpose of the code and cannot be conditioned to mitigate impacts of the proposal is likely to be refused.

Infrastructure Charges

Under Brisbane’s Infrastructure Charges Resolution, Council may include infrastructure charges notices with the development approval.

These infrastructure charges relate to trunk infrastructure networks for stormwater, transport, community purposes, water supply and sewerage. Queensland Urban Utilities may issue a separate Infrastructure charges notice for water supply and sewerage purposes. 

Application fees

Find out about fees for Code assessable applications.

More information

For more information you can read Council's Using City Plan fact sheet.

07 March 2019