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Development assessment fees

Planning application and development assessment fees can vary depending on the type of development you are undertaking. Use this information to find out which development assessment and compliance fees are applicable to your development:

Fees listed include GST, where applicable. Fees listed do not include infrastructure charges. For staged developments, each development stage is classed as a separate development application for fee purposes.

The Development Services assessment and compliance fees and charges for 2018-19 are available for download:

Fee assessment

Application fees for planning applications are a complex matter. Council’s online lodgement forms will collect the relevant fee information, as per the fee schedule, to determine the appropriate fee.  

Fee quote

Usually, you do not pay the application fee at the time of submitting your application as Council must first provide a fee quote. Council checks that your development application meets the properly made application requirements, and sends you the fee quote within two business days.

You can then pay by BPAY, or via other payment options on your fee quote. 

Electronic payment (BPAY)

BPAY is the preferred method of paying application fees. You can visit Pay a bill, fine or infringement to pay for your application fees.

Council can accept BPAY up to $100,000 and will also accept payments from a credit card account up to $10,000. Your financial institution may set BPAY payment limits which could be negotiated.

Upon payment, Council will email a PDF tax invoice to you. If you are paying on behalf of a customer, you can nominate who the receipt should be issued to.

You will need to email your BPAY receipt number to Council once you receive it from your financial institution. Council can start processing your application when the receipt number is received.

If you are a RiskSMART consultant, email the BPAY receipt number for your RiskSMART application to, so that assessment can start as soon as possible. Council will email a tax invoice to the applicant once payment is confirmed.

Paying refundable bonds to Council

When you pay a refundable deposit to Council as a maintenance or uncompleted works bond:

  • interest is not paid on the funds as per Council’s policy
  • Council is now able to raise fee quotes for bonds to enable payment via BPAY (note: you are encouraged to contact the relevant Development Services team before making a payment so they can generate the appropriate fee quote)
  • bonds are also accepted as bank guarantees or cheques
  • refundable bonds cannot be paid by credit card
  • physical lodgement of cheques or bank guarantees must be made at the Library and Customer Centre in Brisbane Square, Level 1, 266 George Street, Brisbane (note: if you have not already had a fee quote raised, this will be forwarded to the relevant Development Services team for processing and an invoice will be emailed to you).
  • Council can send the refund by electronic funds transfer if you provide your bank account details.
09 October 2018