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Building a carport and garage

""Before you build a garage or carport, check if you need planning approval. Find out the key facts about the property. These include zoning, constraints and lot size.


Brisbane City Plan 2014 includes development for a carport or garage in the definition of a dwelling house. A dwelling house is a residential use of premises for one household that contains a single dwelling. The use includes outbuildings and works normally associated with a dwelling.

Preferred locations

A carport or garage is accepted development, subject to requirements of the property location in one of the following zones:

A carport or garage is accepted development. This is subject to requirements of your property location in one of the following zones, and in the dwelling house character overlay:

For each of these zones, your design must comply with all identified requirements of the dwelling house code. If on a small lot, it must comply with all the identified requirements of the dwelling house (small lot) code. Check if your property is within a neighbourhood plan area or within an overlay. This may change the category of assessment.

Accepted development does not require Brisbane City Council approval. You will not need anything in writing from Council for your project. For a proposal to be accepted development, it must meet all identified requirements of the applicable code. Where it does not meet all identified requirements, the proposal becomes assessable development. You will require a planning application.

When a planning application triggers, assessment is only against the corresponding performance outcomes that the proposal fails to meet. For all other compliant acceptable outcomes, assessment is part of the planning application.

Your project may be assessable development and require Council approval where the site location is within a neighbourhood plan area or a relevant overlay.

For information about your property, visit key facts about your property. Key facts about the property include:

Building approval

If you are building a new house and want to add a garage or carport, approval should be part of the building application for your house.

You will need separate building approval to build a garage or carport on a property with an existing house.

A building approval is in addition to any planning approval that you may need.

You can arrange for a building approval of a garage or carport through a building certifier. You must give the certifier scaled and detailed plans prepared by a draftsperson or architect.

You can seek an alternative setback from the front, side or rear boundary by applying for a siting variation.

Other approvals to consider

You must have a driveway permit to cross the footpath to build, repair or modify a driveway.

02 November 2018