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Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan

The Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by Brisbane City Council on 31 July 2018 and became effective as part of Brisbane City Plan 2014 on 14 September 2018.

Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan area 

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Plan highlights

The Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan promotes economic development while protecting the highly valued character that makes the suburb unique. The plan achieves this by:

  • establishing Astor Terrace as a focus for commercial development supported by shops, restaurants and bars
  • promoting the revival of Boundary Street as a vibrant centre with shops, restaurants and cafes
  • enabling the expansion of educational and medical institutions in a way that minimises impacts on surrounding sites
  • enabling new high-density development to occur between Boundary Street and the City Centre
  • protecting the highly valued heritage and character of the area and adding sites to Council's heritage register.


January 2014
Planning commenced.
27 March-9 October 2014
Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan Community Planning Team meetings. 
Download the meeting minutes:
10 October-21 November 2014
Draft renewal strategy released for public consultation. 
Download the:
9 May-17 June 2016
First public consultation on the draft neighbourhood plan.
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18 April-6 June 2017
Second public consultation on the draft neighbourhood plan.
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31 July 2018
Neighbourhood plan and consequential amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 adopted by Council.
14 September 2018
Neighbourhood plan effective in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

More information

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