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eBIMAP2 mapping service

eBIMAP2 (Brisbane's Integrated Map of Assets and Property) is one of Brisbane City Council's online mapping services. Subscribers can use eBIMAP2 to find Council information via geospatial mapping technology. eBIMAP2 information is only to be used for business purposes.

You will need to accept the eBIMAP2 Terms and Conditions (Word - 122kb) when accessing the eBIMAP2 service.

Accessing eBIMAP2

Access eBIMAP2 online.

When the login page is displayed, save the address as a favourite/bookmark. This will ensure you no longer need to access this webpage to access eBIMAP2.

New eBIMAP2 users should download the new user guide to help navigate registration and subscription payment processes:

eBIMAP2 features and benefits

eBIMAP2 features and benefits include:

  • modern web viewer application compatible with all recognised web browsers in the market
  • access from a variety of devices including desktops, phones and tablets
  • improved system response for users
  • users can access eBIMAP2 when they need it
  • not relying on user desktop software other than a browser
  • data currency closely aligned with the data available internal to Council
  • icons to determine which layers are currently displayed and the capacity to turn sub-layers on or off
  • greater control over layers
  • the ability to adjust layer transparency
  • geographic coordinate readout in various formats
  • search engine allows a variety of search criteria (address, lot and plan number, postcode, global search tool for improved user experience)
  • a greater selection of base maps, including aerial imagery from 1946 and the current year
  • comprehensive information on properties in the Brisbane area
  • unlimited access for all functions, including viewing, reporting and printing
  • analysis tools such as spatial buffering and attribute queries
  • high quality printing from A4 to A0 formats in portrait and landscape, including map exports into email-ready .pdf files
  • online help.

eBIMAP2 and City Plan 2014 

eBIMAP2 provides City Plan 2014 graphic layers not City Plan 2014 documentation. Find out more specific mapping information in the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Subscriptions packages

eBIMAP2 is a subscription service. Following registration, new eBIMAP2 users will need to pay a subscription. 

Various eBIMAP2 subscriptions are available, including:

  • up to 22% discount by subscribing for longer periods (full year subscription reduces the monthly cost to $307.10)
  • discounted multiple licences available once the system is accessed (submit a Request for Quote in eBIMAP2)
  • easy credit card payment (email is sent confirming immediate access)
  • pay by cheque (email is sent confirming subscription is active once payment is processed).

These charges are valid as of 1 July 2018. All prices include GST.

eBIMAP2 subscriptions One day One week One month One year
Single user $28.20 $113 $395 $3685

eBIMAP2 help

A 'help' option is available in eBIMAP2, which will provide information about how to use the service.

To report problems with the eBIMAP2 service, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. Technical problems will be referred to specialist staff, who will return your call during working hours (8.30am to 5pm).

Requesting PDF plans

Non-subscribers can request eBIMAP2 PDF plans for a specific property using the BIMAP Data Request online form. You can pay the fee with a Mastercard or Visa. Both A4 and A3 plans are available, with each costing $28 (including GST).

25 October 2018