FloodWise Property Report

The FloodWise Property Report shows the risk and type of flooding at a specific property, to enable you to plan and build new habitable floor levels in accordance with Brisbane City Council's requirements. The information in the report is based on Council’s flood studies using the latest flood computer modelling.

The FloodWise Property was last updated on Friday 9 September 2016 with the latest creek flood data completed by Council.

Before downloading the report, you should read the Conditions of use - Floodwise Property Reports.

Information in the FloodWise Property Report

Following the release of the City Plan 2014, the FloodWise Property Report now includes information to ensure all future building and development contributes to a creating a safe and flood-resilient city in the future. The FloodWise Property Report includes:

  • Flood Planning Areas (FPAs) for river, creek/waterway and overland flow
  • coastal hazard flood overlays
  • January 2011 Brisbane River flood levels
  • estimated flood levels
  • source of flooding including river, creek, defined overland flow or storm tide
  • minimum and maximum ground levels
  • minimum habitable floor level for building and development
  • whether a property is located within a waterway corridor or is a large allotment, that is, over 1000 square metres.

Please note that flood levels higher than those shown in a FloodWise Property Report can occur in any year, although such flood levels are less likely than those shown on the report. Residents and businesses can understand their flood risk from rarer flood events by downloading a Flood Awareness Map.

The flood information provided in the FloodWise Property Report is sourced from Council flood studies and models.

The information in the FloodWise Property Report used to estimate the January 2011 Brisbane River flood level has been derived from the estimated extent of the January 2011 flood depicted on the maps currently available on the FloodCheck website (accessed through the 'Historic Floods' tab), managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Brisbane's FloodSmart Future Strategy 2012-2031

In 2012 Council released Brisbane's FloodSmart Future Strategy 2012-2031. This strategy takes an integrated approach to managing flood risk through a co-ordinated mix of:

  • flood mitigation infrastructure
  • flood awareness and information
  • flood emergency management
  • land use planning and development control.

Urban planning is one of the most effective ways to address flooding, however the new planning rules in Brisbane City Plan 2014 will only apply to new development.

More information

If you require a FloodWise Property Report to be mailed, faxed or emailed to you, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Review the frequently asked questions about FloodWise Property Reports.

If you have any further questions on the report, contact Council.

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