Insurances, indemnity and exclusion of liability as a community facility tenant

Use this page to find out compulsory insurance/s for Brisbane City Council community facility tenants, other insurances, managing insurance, and what to do if you have to make a claim.

Compulsory insurance

All Council tenants are required to maintain the following compulsory insurance policies for the term of their tenure.

Public liability insurance

All Council tenants must hold a public risk insurance policy with an insurer authorised under the Insurance Act 1973, or in any other case, to the satisfaction of the Council:

  • naming the tenant as the insured
  • covering legal liability for any loss of or damage to any property, and for the injury (including death) to any person arising out of anything done or omitted on or about the premises or any improvements thereon and against all claims.

Such a policy must be for an amount of not less than twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) in respect of all claims arising out of a single event or such higher amounts.

Building insurance (applies to leaseholders only)

All Council leaseholders must have a damage policy covering all buildings, fixtures, and improvements on the premises against loss or damage by fire, flood, and any other insurance risk, to their full replacement value.

The above insurance policies must be taken out before the term of the lease/licence commences and tenants are responsible for all costs associated with establishing and maintaining such policies.

Provide insurance certificates to Council

Tenants are to provide a copy of each certificate of insurance to Council within 14 days of the commencement of each respective renewal period.

Additional insurance options

Tenants are also required to take out any other policies needed to ensure that the tenant is able to indemnify Council against every action, claim, demand, notice, loss, damage, cost and expense which may arise.

Tenants must provide copies of their insurance policies and notify Council of any events that may give rise to a claim.

The list below details some of the types of insurance your organisation should consider obtaining in addition to compulsory insurance/s.

Contents insurance

A policy covering all contents, including the potential cover of equipment taken to competitions and other venues.

Professional indemnity insurance

A policy to protect any representative providing professional advice, including coaches, trainers, and medical staff, to indemnify against claims where the advice provided by an organisation representative is negligent.

Directors and officers insurance

A policy to protect organisation officeholders against claims which may arise from a failure to carry out the obligations and duties of the role and prevent claims against individual directors and officers of the organisation.

Volunteer personal accident insurance

A policy to cover the individuals who volunteer to assist your organisation.

Cyber insurance

A policy to protect your organisation if you run websites, or gather people's personal information or credit card details.

Review your insurance policies annually

Your organisation should review all insurance policies annually to ensure you have correct and adequate coverage. By obtaining alternative quotes on your insurance policies, you can ensure your coverage is correct and you are paying the best price.

When reviewing your policies, make sure you have:

  • confirmed the type/s of cover you need
  • reviewed all amounts insured. NOTE - all Council leased premises should be insured for the full replacement value, not a nominated amount
  • detailed all the activities and events your organisation undertakes, including those away from your premises
  • accurately detailed your revenue
  • checked you don't have any other agreements in place that may affect your insurances
  • a risk management plan in place.

What to do if you have an insurance claim

Tenants should inform Council in writing, as soon as practicable, of the occurrence of any event that a tenant considers likely to give rise to a claim under the policy of insurance. 

Tenants must ensure Council is kept fully informed of subsequent actions and developments concerning the claim.

More information

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