Tenant responsibilities for leased or licensed properties

Find information on lease or licence terms, conditions and responsibilities for Brisbane City Council properties.

Learn more about Council and community leasing by downloading the Community facilities brochure.

Tenant responsibilities 


As a Council tenant with a lease, your responsibilities are to:

  • pay your bills including lease preparation fees, Council's annual rent, expenses identified in your lease (e.g. electricity, rates, water consumption and sewerage)
  • hold current insurance policies including $20 million in public liability insurance and building insurance if you have a building/s
  • undertake regular operational maintenance (e.g. replace light globes, cut grass, paint, clean and remove rubbish)
  • conduct repairs and annual safety checks
  • undertake structural maintenance of any building improvements that you construct
  • undertake annual inspections including electrical, pest and smoke alarms
  • appoint a community liaison officer, develop a process to resolve complaints, and get involved in communicating with your local community
  • comply with all local, state and federal laws
  • use the facility for the purpose and during the times outlined in you lease
  • check in with Council at least once a year, complete the Community Facilities Annual Evaluation and Committee Update online form, and provide copies of certificates of currency, licences, maintenance inspections and annual financial reports
  • respond to Council requests for information.


  • pay your bills including licence preparation fees, Council's annual rent and expenses identified in your licence (e.g. electricity)
  • hold current insurance policies including $20 million in public liability insurance
  • respond to Council requests for information.

Keeping Council informed as a tenant

You should contact Council when:

To change your organisation's contact details, complete the Community Facilities Annual Evaluation and Committee Update online form.

Prior to undertaking any improvements or works to a community lease site, you are required to fill in the Application for Works on a Community Lease Site online form to apply for Council approval.

Good Neighbours Guide

Council is committed to the equitable allocation of land and facilities to the Brisbane community via leases, licences or other tenure arrangements for sport, recreation, cultural and community purposes.

As the custodian or owner of community facilities, Council must ensure that these facilities are managed and operated appropriately to minimise disruption to neighbours and the nearby community. These good neighbour practices have been developed as a guide for community organisations, such as yours, who manage and operate our city's community facilities.

For more information download the:

Council responsibilities

Council's responsibilities to lease and licence tenants are to:

  • undertake condition audits and provide your organisation with a copy of the condition audit including a maintenance schedule that you must implement
  • undertake regular grass cutting program of up to 20 cuts per year (unless your organisation has opted out of this service)
  • check in with your organisation at least once a year
  • contact you about your lease/licence renewal at least nine months before its expiry date.

Getting Council advice

You can obtain the following advice from Council as a tenant:

Getting Council approval

As a Council tenant, you need to seek Council approval before you:

Visit Laws and permits to access more information and requirements on permits and licences issued by Council. This includes food provisions, advertising signs, using roads and footpaths and more.

Other support for Council tenants

Council offers a range of grant programs that you may be able to access to support your operations.

Eligible community organisations can also get assistance to negotiate applicable fee reductions (e.g. development assessment, infrastructure charges and rates).

Council may also provide support with community facility improvements, turf maintenance and field remediation.

Read more under managing your organisation.

If your organisation is experiencing difficulties (for example member numbers dropping off, unable to fill committee positions or financial hardship) Council offers guidance and capacity building assistance and support.

You can also request an Annual Review to assess your organisation’s position.  

More information

For further advice on tenant responsibilities phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the Community Facilities Operations Team or you can email communityfacilities@brisbane.qld.gov.au. 

Last updated: 24 April 2019