Artist-in-residence program at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens Artist-in-Residence program is a year-long opportunity for one artist to enhance their arts practice and knowledge with visual arts, literature and performing arts. The exciting interface between art and botany provides motivation for this program, allowing artists to respond to the living collection and other resources to create dynamic engagement between artist, visitors and natural environment.

The residency may culminate in a new site-specific installation, a series of performances or presentations in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, as well as engagement and learning workshops, and/or an event. Proposals that are social and participatory, engage with diverse audiences and consider site, place and natural elements are encouraged.

The program aims to support local artists to contribute to Brisbane's creative economy, while allowing visitors to observe and engage with various creative processes. The program also suits people who want to test new ideas in the public realm and connect with others through their work.

The Artist in Residence Program is being reviewed for enhancements and will therefore be postponed for applications until 2022. Please keep up with our arts events and activations at Brisbane Botanic Gardens. 

Michelle Pujol

Michelle Pujol is a Brisbane-based artist who is known for her unique botanical-inspired, sculptural jewellery creations made predominantly in silver and gold, and her nostalgic, but bold, illustrative, still-like paintings. Michelle refers to her collection of jewellery as 'Seeds to silver' and her illustrative-styled, still life painting as 'Petals to paint' as a reference to the botanical forms they are inspired by.

Originally from South Africa, Michelle accredits her fascination with botanical forms to her childhood years, when she spent much of her time picking up seed pods in open fields and discovering new plants with her botanist father (also a herbalist) and her mother, a keen gardener. This daily ritual of discovery by walking, gathering, photographing, painting, and making became the basis for her process of creating her works of art.

Michelle loves to teach and inspires others to create in their own way. During her residency, Michelle wants to breakdown her methods of process further, as it is the process of creating that fascinates her the most. She hopes to give others inspiration and share knowledge of methods to make a botanical specimen into a finished object or painting. She has designed workshops to be progressive, but also stand-alone as individual, fun interactive days with some fun applications for everyday use.

During her residency, Michelle will be:

  • exploring the gardens different resources (gardens, herbarium, library) to create a new body of work
  • exploring different methods of designing from botanical inspiration in the gardens and showcasing the process that many artists use to generate ideas and make varied forms of art to a public audience
  • in the gardens documenting, creating and discussing her body of works
  • in the gardens on special garden events for free drawing group sessions
  • running monthly workshops.

View Michelle's workshops on our What's On calendar. Bookings are required.

Program scope

This residency is designed for artists interested in:

  • supporting the development of creative practice in Brisbane
  • encouraging dialogue between creatives and the broader community
  • giving the public access to view the creative process, engage with other creatives, and/or understand alternative perspectives
  • exploring and representing the natural world through composition, subject or promotion.

This residency provides artists opportunities to:

  • present their work in a professional context to diverse audiences
  • research, engage and interpret the botanic history and knowledge of the area
  • access resources (material and botanical) and facilities required throughout the duration
  • collaboration opportunities with the Brisbane Botanic Gardens team to design and deliver public programming.

This residency expects artists to:

  • plan and facilitate a series of opportunities for the public to engage in at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens (e.g. workshops, demonstrations)
  • liaise regularly and collaborate with the Visitor Experience Coordinator to provide an educational learning experience for staff and present at the beginning and conclusion of the residency about their experiences and practice developed
  • maintain a publicly accessible journal process throughout the residency, in a format chosen by the artist and agreed to the Visitor Experience Coordinator
  • curate a final exhibition of their work at the end of the residency at the Richard Randall Studio.


The Artist in Residence Program is being reviewed for enhancements and will therefore be postponed for applications until 2022.

Last updated: 16 September 2021

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