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Brisbane City Council is inviting the community to have their say in creating a vision for New Farm Park. We invite you to tell us what you love about the park and how you want to use it in the future.

We're protecting and improving greenspace to make it easier for you to enjoy your city's great lifestyle. The New Farm Park vision is part of Council's commitment to enhancing and maintaining more than 2160 parks across the city.

Have your say and help create a vision for New Farm Park.

Project summary

This table includes project summary information for the New Farm Park vision including address, ward, project outcome and latest update.
Address New Farm Park, 137 Sydney Street, New Farm
Ward Central
Project outcome Develop a vision to guide the future of New Farm Park.
Latest update Community consultation occurring from November 2021 to inform a vision.

About the project

New Farm Park covers 15 hectares of land and has been used as a Council park since 1914. The park is heritage listed, with inclusion in Council's local heritage register and a full citation in the Queensland State Heritage Register. The land is bounded by Brunswick Street and Sydney Street in New Farm.

Today, New Farm Park includes:

  • rose gardens, mature jacarandas and poincianas
  • an Edwardian bandstand
  • an internal ring road
  • sporting fields (croquet, tennis, football) and a basketball half court
  • two playground nodes and picnic facilities
  • coffee kiosks
  • open landscape areas
  • New Farm Park Library
  • New Farm Park ferry terminal and river hub.

The park also enjoys vistas to the city skyline, as well as the Brisbane River, and neighbours the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Download the current New Farm Park site plan (Word - 4.1Mb).

This iconic, riverside greenspace is a park of heritage significance and is highly valued by both local and the broader Brisbane community. Council is looking to work with the community to develop a shared vision for New Farm Park. This will provide a framework to help guide the future of the park, in keeping with the significant heritage and community values.

Have your say

Council is asking the community to have their say and help shape the future vision and identity of New Farm Park. We're gathering feedback from the community to understand the cultural, recreational, historical, and environmental importance of New Farm Park to residents and park visitors. 

Take the online survey and leave your ideas, photos and memories on our engagement page by 12 December 2021.

You can also share your feedback with us at information stalls at New Farm Park (next to the Brisbane River beneath the fig trees) on:

  • Saturday 6 November 2021, 8-10.30am
  • Saturday 13 November 2021, 8-10.30am.

Project timing

This table contains project timings for this project by date and details.
Late-2021 Consult with the community to develop a shared vision.
Early-mid 2022 Release a New Farm Park vision.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Council developing a vision for New Farm Park and what are the benefits?

Developing a vision for New Farm Park in partnership with the community will create a framework to guide a future that will reflect the unique shared identity of the park.

It is important to note that the development of a community vision is about forward-thinking and planning for park facilities that will serve the community into the medium and long-term future.

What community consultation will occur for the development of a vision for New Farm Park?

Council is committed to creating a shared vision for New Farm Park. We will engage with residents and park users to understand community values and priorities which will inform the development of the shared vision which will help guide, plan and protect the future of the park.

Residents will be invited to provide their ideas and have their say via an online platform and a series of drop-in feedback/information sessions. Council will also be engaging with park sporting and commercial leases, as well as key community groups for their input into the project.

Following analysis of community input, a vision for New Farm Park will then be released.

What does it mean for a park to be heritage listed?

The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places that have cultural heritage significance to the people of Queensland and may include sites of public recreation, parks, and gardens. Development of Queensland Government listed sites is managed by State legislation.

Council's heritage listing process aims to identify and protect places of cultural heritage significance in Brisbane. A local heritage place is protected by Council's legislative framework to control demolition, removal, and development in accordance provisions in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

What elements are of heritage significance within New Farm Park?

New Farm Park contains a number of contributing elements with different levels of heritage significance associated with their date of construction, condition, and integrity. New Farm Park contains a number of elements of high significance including the views and vistas, mature trees, historic stairs, bandstand, croquet club, ring road, and remnant paths. These elements must be retained and conserved with minimal changes. 

New Farm Park improvement works

The New Farm Park precinct is an increasingly popular recreation destination, hosting a number of significant entertainment and community events each year. Council is currently undertaking accessibility and safety improvement works to enhance the function of New Farm Park. Visit the New Farm Park improvement works page for more information.

More information

If you would like to find out more about this project, you can phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak with the New Farm Park vision project team.

Last updated: 1 November 2021
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