Sherwood parks

Find the location of parks in Sherwood and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Ferry Street Park  65 Ferry Street  
Hives Park 34 Thallon Street The Half Dozen Group of Artists Studio, Sherwood Guides, Sherwood Kindergarten, bikeway, playground and shared pathway
Sherwood Arboretum (previously known as Sherwood Forest Park and John Herbert Memorial Vista Park)
87 Jolimont Street

Sir Matthew Nathan Avenue, Sherwood Arboretum, accessible toilet, barbecue, boat pontoon, booking site, carpark (Jolimont Street), lagoon precinct, picnic area (Jolimont Street, Central, Joseph Street, Sherwood Arboretum), playground (Jolimont Street, Central), public toilet, restoration sites (Friends of Sherwood Arboretum), river boardwalk, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)

Find out more about Sherwood Arboretum - Council's 3rd botanic garden.



Last updated:19 August 2019
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