Getting to Sherwood Arboretum

Sherwood Arboretum is located at 87 Jolimont Street, Sherwood. The park is approximately 20 minutes from Brisbane City by car.

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Getting to the Sherwood Arboretum by car 

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Parking and access

Free parking is available at the arboretum. Access to the park car park is from Jolimont Street.

Wheelchair accessible parking is available. Access for people who are frail or have a disability is possible to most areas across the site. Wheelchair access in the park is available along a central loop connecting to a riverside boardwalk.

Getting to the Sherwood Arboretum by public transport

Sherwood Arboretum is a short, 10-minute, 760 metre walk from Sherwood station. 

For details on bus and train timetables, visit Translink website, or phone Translink on 13 12 30. 


Last updated: 19 August 2019
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