Park fees

Some park uses incur fees. Use this page to find out about park fees, security bonds and other fees.

Park activities with fees

The table below includes fees for activities in parks for the financial year 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

Park activityFee (including Goods and Services Tax)
Booking a park booking site$199.60 per hour 
(minimum 2 hours)
Commercial health, well-being and life skills activities, classes, training, programs, e.g. personal and fitness training, outdoor sport and recreation activities, animal training, outdoor education.Free up to 10 participants

For over 10 participants, $133.40 per month or
$1329.20 per year
Commercial activities and events with up to 100 attendees$463.50 per day
Commercial activities and events with 101 to 500 attendees$721.90 per day
Commercial activities and events with 501 to 2000 attendees$1,006.70 per day
Commercial activities and events with more than 2000 attendees$1,308.70 per day
Mobile food vendor$85.90 per month or
$450 per year
Recreation equipment hire business$85.90 per month or
$667.40 per year
Car parking in a Council parkland$4.85 per car per day or
$530.55 per day 
whichever is greater
Use of Council electricity$28.95 per day
Council officer on duty$103.25 per hour
Hot air balloon landing in a Council parkland$146.75 per month or
$1,224.50 per year
Helicopter landing in a Council parkland$587.80 per day

Organisations listed in Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges 2024-25 may be exempted from park use fees.

Some activities or events may also require a current public liability insurance policy for a minimum of $20 million (e.g. jumping castle providers).

Security bonds

Depending on the type of activity or event and/or equipment you want to bring into a park, you may need to pay a security bond beforehand. 

If your security bond is not paid, the park use consent for your activity or event will be cancelled. 

If your activity or event causes damage to the park and/or the park is not properly cleaned and tidied after your activity or event, Council may keep part or all of your security bond to restore the park to its original condition.

Other charges

Other charges may apply for services provided by Council for activities or events, such as electricity, cleaning and any additional function set-up costs.

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