Park bookings and consents

Brisbane City Council has responsibility to protect, manage and maintain Brisbane parks. This provides fair use and enjoyment of, and access to, parks by residents and visitors. There is opportunity for people to seek approval to use park space (subject to application, approval, terms and conditions) for a specific purpose.

While most activities in parks do not need Council approval, you may need consent or approval to:

  • book part of a park for exclusive use; and/or
  • conduct a specific activity in a park.

COVID-19 restrictions

Restrictions are in place for South East Queensland from 4pm Sunday 8 August. Find out more.

Park activities requiring a booking or consent

Some activities or events in parks will incur fees, security bond and/or other charges. If applicable, park fees will be invoiced after Council assesses your application.

You will need to apply to Council for consent/approval for the following activities:

  • booking for exclusive use of a designated site
  • commercial activity, such as personal training and group fitness classes
  • erecting or placing any temporary structure covering more than 15m² (e.g. jumping castle)
  • access to and use of Council power or other utility
  • activities involving animals other than domestic pets
  • distributing, affixing or posting notices, literature, placards or similar promotional materials.

Some common park activities that require consent/approval include:

  • animal nurseries and pony rides
  • bike riding or skate coaching or demonstrations
  • circuses
  • coffee and food vendors
  • cross country and other major sporting events
  • equipment hire and tours
  • fairs, fetes and festivals
  • fundraising and other stalls
  • life skills classes
  • markets
  • parties with jumping castles
  • promotional activities and events
  • slacklining.

There are specific one-stop-shop application processes that apply to major events, filming and personal training in Council parks.

Prohibited and restricted activities

Find out which activities Council prohibits or restricts in parks

How to apply

You should make your application at least 10 working days before your activity or event. This allows time for processing and for Council to discuss any changes to your application.

You can apply for vehicle access relating to your park activity as part of your online application. Council restricts vehicle access in many parks. In some circumstances, vehicle access may be available subject to Council's discretion.

Complete and submit the online park consent/booking application form.

Other approvals

You may need to consider other approvals for your park activity including:

More information

Read our guidelines for using Council parks:

If you are unsure whether your park activity requires an application or is prohibited or restricted, contact Council for more information.

Last updated: 8 August 2021