Attractions at the Planetarium

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has astronomy programs and fascinating displays that visitors of all ages can enjoy. The Planetarium's many attractions include: 

All areas, except the observatory, are wheelchair accessible. 

Cosmic Skydome

The highlight of any visit to the Planetarium is a show in the Cosmic Skydome. Most public shows include a full-dome, immersive presentation and finish with a guided tour of the Brisbane sky, when the astronomer will point out the planets, stars, and constellations visible that night.

In 2019, a new 8K projection system was installed. The laser-powered system generates one of the world’s brightest, most detailed night sky experiences, on a 12.5m-diameter projection dome.

This entertaining and educational experience can be enjoyed by public audiences, school groups or other large groups. 

Display Zone

The Display Zone includes two areas: the foyer and the gallery, with printed exhibits, models, and interactive displays on astronomy and space exploration. 

The foyer features interesting artefacts and displays, including fragments of asteroids, spacecraft models and a well-known replica of Neil Armstrong’s Apollo spacesuit. You can also inspect the old Zeiss star projector, retired from the Skydome in 2010.

The gallery leads you through the Solar System, past star formations in the Milky Way, to external galaxies and the Big Bang. Images from the Hubble Space Telescope and major observatories provide detailed views of many wonders of the Universe. A section on the history of astronomy compares modern telescopes with ancient instruments like stone circles and astrolabes.

Earth: Our Blue Oasis

This 13m gallery exhibit examines what makes Earth so special for life. Learn about the factors affecting life on our planet, and of its fragility in the face of much greater forces such as solar evolution and the greater cosmic environment

Sir Thomas Brisbane

The display about Sir Thomas Brisbane contains information about his life, his time as Governor of New South Wales, and of his astronomical work. There is also a relief panel of Sir Thomas, and a recent bronze bust created by local sculptor, Peter Dornan, as well as other items associated with Sir Thomas. The display also houses a time capsule to be opened in 2037.

Skylore: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Astronomy

The Planetarium's Display Zone is now home to Skylore: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Astronomy.

The exhibit features some of Australia's leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders sharing their star knowledge for the first time. The content within this exhibition was sourced and curated by Dr Duane Hamacher, an astronomer and academic working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

While viewing this exhibit, it is important to remember that the first Australians - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - have looked to the stars for tens of thousands of years. The sky is a map of wisdom and knowledge and like the oral tradition of sharing information, it continues to be passed down to younger generations.

Brisbane City Council acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land and pays respect to Elders, past, present, and emerging. Skylore is a permanent reminder of the legacy from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Reconciliation Action Plan and its vision towards a reconciled Australia.

Galaxy Gift Shop

The Planetarium’s Galaxy Gift Shop stocks a wide range of astronomy and general science merchandise including star charts, project kits, spacecraft models, souvenirs and novelty items. Teacher discounts apply to educational items.

Read the terms and conditions for refunds, exchanges and refunds (excluding tickets) at the Galaxy Gift Shop.

Sundial Courtyard

Located on the eastern side of the Planetarium, the Sundial Courtyard features a giant concrete, steel and glass sundial, which is used to tell the time when the Sun is shining and is accurate to within 10 minutes. The Sundial Courtyard is a great spot to sit, relax and take in the surrounds.

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Brisbane City Council acknowledges this Country and its Traditional Custodians. We pay our respects to the Elders, those who have passed into the dreaming; those here today; those of tomorrow.