Brisbane City Council's Outdoor Gallery transforms Brisbane's laneways and city streets into imaginative, curious and engaging spaces. Comprising light boxes, banners, vitrines and evening projections, the Outdoor Gallery displays art outside in city streets, instead of inside on gallery walls. Recently, the Outdoor Gallery has grown to now include art projections at Howard Smith Wharves.

Local Design Brisbane,  APT9 Kids and a number of other artworks are currently exhibiting in the Outdoor Gallery.

Local Design | Brisbane

From 9 December 2019 onwards, experience the Local Design | Brisbane exhibition curated by Local Design founder Emma Elizabeth.

"It's hard to describe Australian design as it draws from so many cultures and influences. The objective of 'Local Design | Brisbane' is to present a collective of Australian design that will heighten the global perspective of our Australian aesthetic and style, encouraging and supporting local designers to continue raising the bar." - Emma Elizabeth

Local Design | Brisbane celebrates locally forged designers with internationally recognised practices. Through a series of outdoor installations, guided tours and talks, the exhibition explores the design process, highlighting the intersection between process and product.

Fish Lane - light boxes

Artwork created by Kate Banazi, in collaboration with Alex Lotersztain will be from 9 December 2019 onwards.

Find out about Kate and Alex and their artwork

Artists: Kate Banazi and Alex Lotersztain

Alex Lotersztain was born in Argentina, and now works in Brisbane. He is internationally renowned as a bold, innovative and award-winning, multidisciplinary designer who studied at Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.

Kate Banazi was born in London and studied at Central Saint Martins. She currently lives in Sydney and has exhibited in group and solo shows internationally. Her work is collected and commissioned by private, public and corporate collectors worldwide.

Artwork: QTZed 2019

In this artwork, Kate Banazi interprets Alex Lotersztain's award-winning QTZ stainless steel lounger, which reflects the prismatic beauty and semi-precious qualities of quartz. Alex's QTZ collection serves as an experiment to study the boundaries of aesthetics and functional innovation.

Hutton Lane - light boxes

Shilo Engelbrecht and Lydia Pearson's design process will be on display from 9 December 2019 onwards.

Find out about Shilo and Lydia and their artwork

Artists: Shilo Engelbrecht and Lydia Pearson

South African/Australian artist, Shilo Engelbrecht, attended the Queensland University of Technology where she focussed on textile design, graduating in 2006. Since then Shilo has worked, exhibited, and lived all over the world.

Lydia Pearson is one of Australia's most successful fashion designers and was one half of the internationally-acclaimed Easton Pearson. With 29 years of experience, Lydia now lectures for Queensland University of Technology.

Artwork: Creative Collaboration, 2019

Artist, Shilo Engelbrecht, and fashion designer, Lydia Pearson, came together creatively for the first time in union; a considered, utilitarian and functional uniform made uniquely for Local Design | Brisbane during Salon del Mobile 2019. These images in Hutton Lane show a snapshot of the design process between this incredible Brisbane duo.

Eagle Lane - light boxes

CJ Anderson's design process will be on display from 9 December 2019 onwards.

Find out about CJ Anderson and his artwork

Artist: CJ Anderson

Growing up around manufacturing, CJ has been involved in making from birth. Completing his degree through Queensland College of Art, his passion for making was ignited and continues today.

Artwork: Soigne' Silhouettes, 2017

Drawing upon raw industrial elements and delicate aesthetics, CJ's designs are created using both traditional craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. Using the best craftsmen and tools available, CJ creates beautiful and thoughtful objects and furniture for interiors.

King George Square - light boxes

A series of designer portraits will be on display from 9 December 2019 onwards.

Find out about the designer portraits

These are the faces of Australian design. This portrait series, by a number of nationally-renowned photographers, reveals the people behind Australian design, highlighting the connections between maker, designer and user.

Giffin Lane- banner

Shilo Engelbrecht's artwork will be on display from 9 December 2019 onwards.

Find out about Shilo and her artwork

Artist: Shilo Engelbrecht

South African/Australian artist, Shilo Engelbrecht, attended Queensland University of Technology where she focussed on textile design, graduating in 2006. Since then, Shilo has worked, exhibited and lived all over the world.

Artwork: Milles, 2018

Milles is a hand-cut paper collage of layers beneath key-hole shapes, providing the viewer with a glimpse behind the locked doors of artists. This artwork has been converted into a fabric print, on a scale not displayed previously.

Edward Street - vitrine

Tom Emmett's work will be on display from 9 December 2019.

Find out about Tom and his artwork

Artist: Tom Emmett

Tom Emmett is a Brisbane and Sydney-based artist and designer whose practice primarily involves sculpture and draws upon the landscape and the Anthropocene. His designs are characterised by subtle forms which are the result of the function, process, human touch and playfulness between these elements.

Artwork: Blue Gum (desk) and Bollard (light mobile), 2019

The bulging curves of a gum tree and rock strata of the Australian landscape have inspired this hand-carved desk. The mobile above explores light and technology within ink-stained canvas. A cork bowl sits on top, connecting this installation to the other artwork displayed further along Edward Street.

Artwork: Gumnut (side table) and School of Fish (mobile), 2019

The bulging curves of a gum tree and rock strata of the Australian landscape have inspired this hand-carved side table. Fish from the Moreton Bay region across the seasons inspired the mobile carved from a solid cork block - a material chosen for its carbon-capturing properties.

Howard Smith Wharves - projection

Local Design | Brisbane artworks will be on display from 9 December 2019.

Learn about the artists and artworks

Designers: Local Design in collaboration with Nick Barclay

Local Design is a platform for local designers by local designers that advocates for Australian design on an international stage.

Nick Barclay is an Australian graphic designer who has collaborated with Local Design on the most recent international iteration of LOCAL MILAN No. 3.

Artwork: Local Design | Brisbane, 2019

Internationally renowned, Australian-based graphic designer, Nick Barclay, has worked with Local Design on the most recent international iteration of LOCAL MILAN No. 3. This work creates visual representations of the exhibiting designers as well as recreations of each designer's pieces. This is an excellent example of design thinking process demonstrated through visual communication.

APT9 Kids

As part of 'The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art' (APT9), APT9 Kids was an exhibition in collaboration with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art and Council's Outdoor Gallery. APT9 Kids provided children and families with meaningful insights into the contemporary art of Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The following artwork was part of the APT9 Kids exhibition.

Cordelia Street - banner

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji's exhibition design elements for A Boat to Carry your Dreams (2018) will be on display from November 2018 to November 2021.

Other exhibits in the Outdoor Gallery

From time to time, Council displays stand-alone artworks in the Outdoor Gallery that are not part of a current exhibition. The following artwork is currently on display in Burnett Lane. It was originally part of Maiwar from 1-31 May 2017 which focused on the diversity of Indigenous culture and how artists are bringing their traditional country to an urban audience.

Burnett Lane - lantern light shades

Lisa Sorbie's Woven History (2017) has been on display since May 2017.

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