Outdoor Gallery

Brisbane City Council's Outdoor Gallery transforms Brisbane's laneways and city streets into imaginative, curious and engaging spaces. Comprising light boxes, banners, vitrines and evening projections, the Outdoor Gallery displays art outside in city streets, instead of inside on gallery walls.

Women's Work, APT9 Kids and a number of other artworks are currently exhibiting in the Outdoor Gallery.

Women's Work

From 12 August to 1 December 2019, experience the Women's Work exhibition curated by Brisbane Art Matriachs! (BAM), a collective of up-and-coming female arts leaders working towards bridging the gap for women exhibiting in public spaces.

Women's Work celebrates the empowering artforms and originality of female creatives through a series of outdoor installations, guided tours and talks. This exhibition is grounded in the belief that the work of all women, within the realm of the domestic and beyond, is invaluable.

Fish Lane - light boxes

Rae Cooper's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Rae and her artwork

Artist: Rae Cooper

Rae Cooper is a designer and academic at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. She has a Bachelor of Design with a double major in 3D Design and Visual Culture, a Master of Design Futures with first class honours and a Graduate Diploma of Education, majoring in Arts and Technology. Rae's work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

Artwork: Six Hands 2019

Six Hands is constructed using commercial graphic design processes, digital collage and repurposed commercial stock images. By manipulating stock images, the artist challenges us to reflect on the absurdity of media politics. 

Hutton Lane - light boxes

Emma Wright's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Emma and her artwork

Artist: Emma Wright

A founding member of Verge Collective, Emma Wright is a Brisbane-based, emerging photo-media artist who recently graduated from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Artwork: Persona non kata, 2018

Persona non kata is an exploration of female stereotypes and how readily women are labelled. The artist asks us to consider our compliance in using such social shortcuts, and the misunderstanding they create. Using constructed scenes and performance, Emma responds to these stereotypes, turning them into absurd self-fulfilling prophecies, challenging the viewer to contemplate the labels placed upon female artists.

Eagle Lane - light boxes

Alex Saba's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Alex and her artwork

Artist: Alex Saba

Alex Saba holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Her work has been exhibited locally and internationally since 2015. Alex works with beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands who share a mission to inspire self-expression, transformation and authenticity.

Artwork: Vessels, 2017

Vessels depicts powerful, confident women who are ready to take on the world. Using a fusion of traditional and digital mediums, Alex brings these bold personalities to life.

King George Square - light boxes

Mosessa's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Mosessa and her artwork

Artist: Mosessa

Mosessa is a Queensland artist and illustrator. She works mostly in oil paint combining delicate brush strokes with luxe textures. Her work has been published and exhibited nationally since 2012.

Artwork: Botanic Beast, 2018

Mosessa uses her earthy, soft-style creations to express themes of women and nature, featuring floral motifs symbolising womanhood with an Australian twist. She is inspired by the local subtropical surroundings of Brisbane and their intrinsic connection to the female divine.

Giffin Lane- banner

Zoe Porter's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Zoe and her artwork

Artist: Zoe Porter

Zoe Porter graduated from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University with a Doctorate of Visual Art in 2014. Her practice traverses a range of mediums and she has been exhibited locally and internationally.

Artwork: Kaiso & Ama, 2019

Kaiso & Ama is a large-scale watercolour based on female free-divers, know as Ama, who live and work in the Mile Prefecture, Japan. This work was created during a residency in Toba, Japan, where Zoe investigated local Ama and their ancient tradition for diving for seaweed and abalone. This work aims to highlight the complex and sustainable connection that Ama have with the ocean.

Edison Lane - banner

Courtney Brims' artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Courtney and her artwork

Artist: Courtney Brims

Courtney Brims is an internationally acclaimed Brisbane-based artist and illustrator who works primarily with coloured pencils. Her work has been been published and exhibited locally and internationally.


Artwork : The Mariner, 2017

The Mariner explores Courtney's curiosity with the natural world, specifically the interplay between prey and predator. Behind the ornamental and ethereal charm of flowers, animals and beautiful females lies the cunning and unsettling underbelly of nature, where it's survival of the fittest.

Irish Lane - banner

Rachael Sarra's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Rachael and her artwork

Artist: Rachael Sarra

Rachael Sarra is an artist and designer, recently graduating from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University with a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design. As a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Goreng Goreng Country, Rachael uses art as a powerful tool of storytelling to educate and share Aboriginal culture.

Artwork: Energy, 2008

This work pays homage to the dynamic energies radiated by creative women. There is such beauty in respecting and empowering other women and fellow creatives. Our differences can create something strong and beautiful in the world.

Edward Street - vitrine

Claire Tracey's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Claire and her artwork

Artist: Claire Tracey

Claire Tracey is an award-winning public artist and researcher who explores ideas of sustainability and creative collaboration. She is interested in how artists can create engagement that generates awareness around humanity's connection to the planet.

Artwork: The Butterfly Effect, 2019

The Butterfly Effect is constructed using recycled plastic to create a pair of abstracted wings. The artist invites us to pose between the wings and consider the role we all play in protecting the environment.

Edward Street - projector

Dominique Falla's artwork will be on display until 1 December 2019.

Find out about Dominique and her artwork

Artist: Dominique Falla

Associate Professor Dr Dominique Falla is Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, completing her Bachelor of Design at Melbourne’s Swinburne University, Masters of Design at Monash University, Melbourne, and Doctorate of Visual Arts at Griffith University. Her doctoral research investigated Tactile Typography, establishing Falla as a creative practitioner of international standing.

Artwork: We Are All Part of the Same Thing, 2019

We Are All Part of the Same Thing stems from the belief that everything in the universe is part of the same fundamental whole. The nails represent a multitude of individuals. By intertwining them with coloured string, the artist demonstrates our connection, affirming that together we can create something beautiful.

APT9 Kids

As part of 'The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art' (APT9), APT9 Kids was an exhibition in collaboration with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art and Council's Outdoor Gallery. APT9 Kids provided children and families with meaningful insights into the contemporary art of Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The following artwork was part of the APT9 Kids exhibition.

Cordelia Street - banner

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji's exhibition design elements for A Boat to Carry your Dreams (2018) will be on display from November 2018 to November 2021.

Other exhibits in the Outdoor Gallery

From time to time, Council displays stand-alone artworks in the Outdoor Gallery that are not part of a current exhibition. The following artwork is currently on display in Burnett Lane. It was originally part of Maiwar from 1-31 May 2017 which focused on the diversity of Indigenous culture and how artists are bringing their traditional country to an urban audience.

Burnett Lane - lantern light shades

Lisa Sorbie's Woven History (2017) has been on display since May 2017.

Upcoming Outdoor Gallery exhibitions

From 9 December 2019 to 12 April 2020, Local Design will present Local Design|Brisbane.

From 20 April 2020 to 31 July 2020, Blaklash Collective will present 2020 Indigenous Art Program.

Creative opportunities

For all creative sector opportunities with Council, join the Creative Register.

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