Corner of Sandgate Road and Boyd Street, Nundah. Photo by Dylan Evans.

Brisbane City Council's creative lighting projects aim to activate the city, bring people together to celebrate our enviable lifestyle, support small businesses and create a strong local economy.

Lighting and projection outcomes can support events, create a unique identity for Brisbane and introduce elements of surprise and discovery enhancing the city experience for residents and visitors.

Find out about the lighting up of other Council assets including the Story Bridge and Brisbane City Hall. 

Lighting up our assets

Decorative lighting has been installed on local assets, such as buildings, bridges and trees to highlight our city and its features, to create an exciting, vibrant city at night. Council has installed lighting in the locations included in the map and table below.

Creative lighting map and text views

New creative lighting project - Nundah Village, Nundah

Council has recently delivered a new creative lighting project in Nundah Village, on the corner of Boyd Street and Sandgate Road. The project features illuminated elements including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designs on light towers and bud lighting in the prominent Kauri Pine tree. It can be viewed every night from dusk.

Light towers: Urban Metal, Cre8tive Nations
Artwork and text: Luke Mallie
Yagara words, cultural information, editing: Aunty Kerry Charlton Yagara Gaja Elder 2023

The light towers introduce the Goori story of place, culture and language about the land, the core of spiritual identity and cultural connection. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander words used in the project are listed below with their translations.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language translations
Balka-ri: come to (Bal-ka-ri)
Beren: day (Ber-en)
Dir'gou: platypus (Dirr-gou)
Douanpin: water birds (Do-wan-pin)
Gaja: Elder (Gah-jah)
Goori: Yagara world for Aboriginal people (Goo-ri)
Kin-kin: children (kin kin)
Maroomba: good (Mar-oom-ba)
Namul: babies, small children
Nundah: waterhole (Noon-dair)
Yagara: no, not, nothing, never, nowhere (Yug-ga-ra)
Yo-wah: hello ('yo' as in yo-yo; 'wah' as in bar)

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Brisbane City Council acknowledges this Country and its Traditional Custodians. We pay our respects to the Elders, those who have passed into the dreaming; those here today; those of tomorrow.