Public river and recreation hubs, boat ramps, canoe ramps and pontoons

Find out where to access Brisbane City Council river and recreation hubs, public boat ramps, canoe ramps and pontoons along the Brisbane River.

Council boat ramps are for recreational use and the load limit is five tonnes. River hubs provide new multipurpose river-based infrastructure to accommodate a range of vessels and uses including recreational vessels, tour boat operators and passive crafts such as kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards. Recreation hubs are tailored to more passive and recreational users and are suitable for non-motorised craft including kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards, as well as short term use for motorised recreational vessels.

Before you attempt to use a river or recreation hub, check the vessel weight and size capacity for the hub you wish to use as weight capacities vary. For more information on recreation and river hubs, visit our River Access Network page.

For safe on-water conduct, download the Brisbane River Code of Conduct from the Maritime Safety Queensland website

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Docking at river hubs

The New Farm Park River Hub and City Botanic Gardens River Hub are available for docking. To make a booking for a thirty minute mooring for commercial vessels or tour boat operators, complete and submit the River Hub - Docking request application.

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View the 'public boat ramps, canoe ramps and pontoons' photo gallery as a slideshow. Alternatively, you can view photos individually as part of Council's Flickr account.

Public boat ramps, canoe ramps and pontoons
Last updated: 9 October 2020