Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy

Brisbane City Council is creating a city-wide strategy to guide the future delivery of off-road cycling opportunities and facilities for children, adults, and families within bushland reserves and parks. 

This is part of Council's commitment to creating more to see and do in a city that is clean and green, so you can enjoy Brisbane's beautiful climate while connecting with the people and places that make our city great. 

Project background

The strategy is being developed due to a growing demand for off-road cycling opportunities in Council parks and bushland reserves. Planning for and providing suitable facilities helps meet the demand, increases user satisfaction and better protects our bushland reserves.

There is a growing demand for off-road cycling in Brisbane, which includes:

  • mountain bike riding
  • gravel riding
  • cyclo-cross
  • riding on trails
  • pump tracks
  • skill tracks
  • dirt jumps.

When planning use of bushland reserves, the priority is nature conservation, followed by creating outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Currently, within Council bushland reserves, off-road cycling opportunities mostly include, riding mountain bikes on designated single tracks and a skills track in Mt Coot-tha Reserve. Bicycles can also be ridden on designated shared use tracks in Toohey Forest Park and bikeways in an adjacent to bushland reserves and parks.

In 2003, Mt Coot-tha Reserve became the first and only designated location for a mountain bike single track in Brisbane. Due to the high level of use, at peak times the mountain bike facilities are at capacity.

This high demand for off-road facilities in Brisbane has led to continued unauthorised track construction in bushland reserves and parks across the city. By providing well-planned off-road cycling facilities and opportunities, it is anticipated there will be a decrease in unauthorised track construction and associated environmental impacts.

About the project

The project aims to identify areas where off-road cycling opportunities can be delivered in the future. The primary focus is to create a plan for a variety of safe, recreational off-road cycling opportunities that meets the needs of a rapidly growing off-road cycling community and offers better protection for bushland reserves and parks. The plan will cater to children, adults, families and people of varying abilities.

The protection of significant habitat and wildlife corridors is a very important component of this project.

The early planning process reviewed bushland reserves and parks across the city for suitable locations for off-road cycling facilities. Suitable low-impact locations, where the natural environment can be preserved include existing fire trails and shared use of other tracks. Unvegetated areas were also explored for supporting facilities such as skills tracks.

In 2019, Council engaged with key stakeholder groups and the broader community about their ideas for future off-road cycling opportunities across the city. Following a significant response from the community, the consultation results were analysed and included into the planning process to develop draft off-road cycling opportunities for the north, east, south and west regions of Brisbane.

The process of developing these draft plans included:

  • a comprehensive review of planning principles and documents, research findings and Australian and international case studies for best-practice off-road cycling planning and management
  • high-level site values assessments, including environmental values
  • key environmental group input to help identify environmentally sensitive areas and those with significant environmental value such rehabilitation areas and those that provide crucial wildlife habitat
  • analysis of current and future demand, and off-road cycling gap analysis
  • input from community cycling and recreation groups regarding current and future use.

In developing the draft strategy, Council has placed a high importance on identifying potential locations for future infrastructure that protects the significant environmental value within bushland reserves. An important priority and component of the draft strategy has been to identify suitable low-impact locations.

Download the draft strategy:

Community consultation 

The feedback period has now closed. Council would like to thank the community for their comments on the Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy. The consultation process received a significant community response via the online survey and submissions made to the project team.

The project team is working through this valuable feedback. In developing this strategy, Council is working to find a balance between planning for safe, low impact off road cycling facilities and better protecting important and vulnerable natural areas.

Due to the significant amount of community feedback received and the comprehensive analysis that is being undertaken, further information about the draft strategy is anticipated to be released by mid/late 2021.

Project benefits

The Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy aims to guide the future delivery of safe and sustainable recreation opportunities that offer better protection for bushland reserves. Off-road cycling is a great way for the community to keep fit and healthy, and enjoy valuable time in nature and socially connecting with each other.

The Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy focuses on:

  • getting more people outdoors into nature, having fun and getting fit and healthy
  • identifying locations across the city for off-road cycling facilities that better protect the natural habitat
  • providing an accessible network of safe off-road cycling facilities in parks and bushland reserves
  • meeting the growing needs of the off-road cycling community with a well-planned and connected outdoor recreation network.

Project timing

This table shows the project timing for the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Plan project.
December 2018 Specialist consultant appointed
Early 2019 Project planning and internal consultation
March-May 2019 Consultation with key stakeholder groups and the broader community via workshops, information sessions and online survey
Mid-2019 - Mid-2020 Analysis of community feedback and development of the draft strategy, incorporating community input and planning principles, environmental constraints, current research, site assessments and projected demand
Late 2020 Draft strategy released for community feedback
Late 2021-Early 2022 Evaluation of community feedback and strategy reviewed
Early 2022 onwards Staged implementation, planning and delivery

More information

For more information about the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy, you can:

Last updated: 14 October 2021