Cycling Brisbane bikeway map

Explore Brisbane's diverse range of bikeways and shared pathways using the Cycling Brisbane bikeway map. The map allows you to see the locations of bike parking, drinking fountains, CityCycle stations and bike availability, as well as Cycling Brisbane program sponsors.

You can also report bikeway maintenance to Council.

The personal safety of Brisbane residents and visitors is our top priority. Due to coronavirus, some of our events, facilities, services and venues have been impacted. 

Protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing on our bikeways and complying with public gathering requirements for non-essential gatherings.

Check our Coronavirus: Council updates and impacts page for latest updates.

Riding in Brisbane guide

Cycling Brisbane has compiled a printed Riding in Brisbane guide, containing essential information and resources for people who would like to ride a bike in Brisbane.

The 2019 edition of the guide includes:

  • updated maps of popular Brisbane bikeways.
  • new sections on reasons to ride, good times to start riding a bike, and kids and riding.
  • an expanded section about safety, including sharing the road.
  • personal stories of people who ride.

Download the Riding in Brisbane guide (PDF - 29Mb).

Last updated:8 June 2020
Topics: cycling